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Bucheon Choice: Features
  • Best of Bucheon: The Room (Director: Christian VOLCKMAN)
  • Best Director Choice: Daniel Isn’t Real (Director: Adam Egypt MORTIMER)
  • Jury’s Choice: Is That You? (Director: Rudy Riveron SANCHEZ)
  • Audience Award: The Culprit (Director: KOH Jungwook)
※ Best of Bucheon Special Mention: G Affairs (Director: LEE Cheuk Pan)
※ Best Director Choice Special mention: The Lodge (Director: Severin FIALA, Veronika FRANZ)

Bucheon Choice: Shorts
  • Best Short Film: Last Days of the Man of Tomorrow (Director: Fadi BAKI fdz)
  • Jury’s Choice for Short Film: All Inclusive (Director: Teemu NIKKI)
  • Audience Award for Short Film : Other Side of the Box (Director: Caleb J. PHILLIPS)
Korean Fantastic: Features
  • LG HiEntech Best Korean Fantasic Film: Film Adventure (Director: LEE Sangdeok)
  • Korean Fantastic Best Director: Fanfare (Director: LEE Donku)
  • Korean Fantastic Best Actress: LIM Hwayoung, Fanfare (Director: LEE Donku)
  • Korean Fantastic Best Actor: CHO Hyunchul, Film Adventure (Director: LEE Sangdeok)
  • Korean Fantastic Audience Award: Welcome To The Guesthouse (Director: SHIM Yohan)

Korean Fantastic: Shorts
  • Best Korean Short Film: Stuck (Director: KIM Maeil)
  • Audience Award for Korean Short Film: Stuck (Director: KIM Maeil)
  • Gully Boy (Director: Zoya AKHTAR)
EFFFF Asian Award
  • MANRIKI (Director: SHIMIZU Yasuhiko)
※ Special mention: The Dog Bridgeroom (Director: KATASHIMA Ikki)

BIFAN Children’s Jury Award
  • My Dad is a Heel Wrestler (Director: FUJIMIRA Kyohei)

Bucheon Choice Jury (Feature)

  • KANEKO Shusuke

    KANEKO Shusuke

    One of the most celebrated directors in Japan, Kaneko Shusuke began his career in the 1980s as an assistant director at Nikkatsu Studios. After attaining the position of director, his first film to achieve critical success both domestically and internationally was Summer Vacation: 1999 (1988). Kaneko’s reputation was furthered by Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe (1995). Under Kaneko’s guidance the once strictly-for-children Gamera was re-imagined into a more adult narrative. Kaneko also directed the first two Death Note series (2006). Through Linking Love (2017), he was able to express his love, admiration, and deep knowledge toward Japanese pop music.

  • UHM Junghwa

    UHM Junghwa

    Uhm Junghwa earned her first lead role in We Must Go to Apgujung-Dong on Windy Days (1993). After having a steady career as both top actress and singer, She won a Best Acting Award with Crazy Marriage (2001) at the Baeksang Arts Awards. She proved her wide range of acting ability by winning multiple awards with films such as Princess Aurora (2005), Bestseller (2010), Dancing Queen (2012), and Montage (2012). Uhm has been actively acting as lead role in Witch’s Romance (2014) and Wonderful Nightmare (2015). She will be starring at recently crank up film, Okay! Madam.

  • E.oni


    E.oni graduated from the School of Film, TV & Multimedia at Korea National University of Arts and debuted with …ing (2003). E received praise from both the general audience and critics alike for her detailed yet uncluttered direction in Love Exposure (2007). Afterwards she presented Missing (2016)— a genre different from her earlier films— and achieved balance between melodramatic sentimentality and mystery, winning the ‘10 Best Movies’ title at the 37th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. E took another turn with The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (2018), and has proven herself as a versatile director without boundaries.

  • Jonathan BARKAN

    Jonathan BARKAN

    Jonathan Barkan is the editor-in-chief of ‘Dread Central’, one of the internet's leading horror websites, as well as an acquisitions ambassador for DREAD Presents, a genre-centric distribution label under the banner of Epic Pictures Group. An internet personality, he has appeared on multiple podcasts and news segments to discuss the social and cultural significance of horror. He has also served as a jury member at various film festivals around the world.

Korean Fantastic Jury (Feature)



    Amy Nicholson is a film writer and critic for Variety, The Guardian, and The Washington Post, and the host of the movie podcasts ‘Unspooled’, ‘Zoom’, ‘The Canon’, and ‘Halloween Unmasked’. Previously, she was the chief film critic for LA Weekly and MTV News. As a member of FIPRESCI, as well as the National Society of Film Critics and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, she has served on film festival juries for Sundance, Moscow, Cairo, Buenos Aires, and Eurasia. Her first book, Tom Cruise: Anatomy of an Actor was published by Cahiers du Cinema.

  • Kiki FUNG

    Kiki FUNG

    Kiki Fung is a programmer for the Hong Kong International Film Festival and a nomination committee member for the Asian Film Awards. She was previously Head Programmer for Brisbane International Film Festival and Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, and Industry Consultant for Asia Pacific Screen Awards. She has served at the Hong Kong Film Archive for seven years in publication editing, management, and program co-ordination. As a committee member of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society, she has assisted in editing publications on Hong Kong Cinema, which have been published in books, film festival catalogues, newspapers and film magazines.

  • JUNG Byung-gil

    JUNG Byung-gil

    Jung Byung-gil was born in 1980. He attended to Seoul Action School and went on to study film in Chung-Ang University. He started receiving attention with short film Three Important Things For Rock’ n Roll (2005) won an Audience Award at Seoul Independent Film Festival. After that, Action Boys (2008) won the Thriller Prize at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and Confession of Murder (2012) gave him the honor of winning New Director Award at Daejong Film Awards. Through The Villainess (2017), which got him invited to the Cannes, he featured fresh and overwhelming action scenes.

Bucheon Choice Jury (Shorts)

  • Louis SAVY

    Louis SAVY

    Louis started the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival 19 years ago as a platform for Science Fiction and Fantastic film, later adding a challenging competition for filmmakers to create 5-minute shorts in only 48 hours. Today, he is well-known as a producer and marketer for science fiction projects, events, and filmmaking. Louis is an experienced lecturer on low/no budget science fiction filmmaking, delivering workshops to industry and student audiences internationally. Louis produced My Imprisoned Heart (20017) for 'Make Your Mark in Film' - a campaign to encourage young people to develop ideas into real projects. He currently has two shorts and a feature in pre-production.

  • LEE Jinsook

    LEE Jinsook

    Lee Jinsook is CEO of Harbin Films Co.,Ltd and adjucnt professor of Korea National University of Arts. Started her film career in action movie Die Bad (2000), and produced independent films such as Popee (2002), an omnibus feature film series If You Were Me (2003) and If You Were Me 2 (2005). She went on producing commercial films including Bewitching Attraction (2006) and co-produced The Age of Shadows (2006) directed by Kim Jee-woon. She is developing film projects about Japanese colonial period and the division of the Korean Peninsula.

  • LEE Ji-won

    LEE Ji-won

    Studied French in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Lee Ji-won started working as a member of production team in the film Bungee Jumping of Their Own (2000), and worked as script writer for The Scarlet Letter (2004). Her short film To Her (2007) was invited to multiple international festivals. She directed Miss Baek (2018) which achieved critical success both domestically and internationally. With the film’s outstanding sensual and metaphoric directions, she got the honor of winning the New Director Award of Baeksang Arts Awards.


  • Maritte SØRENSEN

    Maritte SØRENSEN

    Maritte Sørensen holds an MA in film and media production from the University of Lund. She has since 2012, been involved in several film festivals in the south of Sweden, with her home base at Lund Fantastic Film Festival, where she took over as festival Director in 2018. Furthermore she works as a pitch producer and projects manager at M:brane - a financing forum for kids content.

  • Thierry PHLIPS

    Thierry PHLIPS

    Thierry Phlips worked several years as a freelance journalist before becoming in 2012 Chairman of the Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival and a manager behind Zeno Pictures, a distribution label in Benelux, which owns the rights to Simon Rumley’s Fashionista (2016) and Mattie Do’s Dearest Sister (2016), among others. Thierry is also one of the core programmers at MOTELX, Portugal’s leading horror film festival. His production company, Fell of a Truck Films has several titles in development, including a supernatural thriller set in the south of France and a modern twist on Strangers on a Train.

Netpac Award

  • George WANG

    George WANG

    George Wang is Professor of Creative Media at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. A recipient of the Fulbright Senior Scholar Award, George also taught film courses at the University of Hong Kong. He co-edited King Hu: In His Own Words, the first English-language publication of King Hu’s writing. George served as American Pavilion faculty mentor at Cannes Film Festival, Script Development Fund reading committee member for the Hong Kong Asia Film Forum, and NETPAC jury at Hawaii International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, and Taipei Golden Horse International Film Festival.

  • KIM Yoona

    KIM Yoona

    Kim Yoona is a film critic and lecturer at multiple universities, including Konkuk University and University of Seoul. Kim serves as a director of CineForum, general director of Amormundi Film books and committee member and the lecturer of Gahoe Hakdang. Kim wrote Movie Storytelling, Animation as an Art, Miyazaki Hayao. Kim has also served as a jury and a consultant for numerous film awards and film festivals.

  • Clarence TSUI

    Clarence TSUI

    Clarence Tsui is a film critic and curator who has worked with a wide range of Chinese and international publications and festivals. Tsui has contributed reports and reviews for the South China Morning Post, The Hollywood Reporter, Film Quarterly and Cineaste. Recently, Tsui was appointed director of Broadway Cinematheque, the arthouse cinema chain of Hong Kong’s Edko Films. He has served on juries for numerous festivals, including: Rotterdam International Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and Berlin International Film Festival.