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- Period :  July 15(Thu) ~ July 25(Sun), 2010, For 10 days
- Opening Ceremony: July 15(Thu), Bucheon Civic Center
- Closing Ceremony: July 22(Fir),  Bucheon Civic Center
- Screening Venues : Total 6 places, 12 venues
Bucheon Civic Center, Bucheon City Hall, Art Hall at Korea Manhwa Contents Agency, CGV Bucheon 8, Primus Cinema Sopoooong
- Screening Films : 190 films from 41 countries (110 features, 80 shorts)
- Opening Film : The Experiment / Director: Paul SCHEURING
- Closing Film : Death Bell 2 : Bloody Camp / Director: YOU Sun-dong


Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival has grown by leaps since 1997 from its birth and became the most representative symbol of Bucheon City known as a mecca of the culture with combination of Animation, Cartoon, Game and Film moving forward to its change and creativity.

PiFan has not only got the name of most dynamic film festival that brings together numerous film enthusiast but also evolved into a global fame that deserves the name of place of ‘Fantastic’ filled with fresh energy of sensitivity in the past 13 years.

Through the advanced and progressed well -planned programming, PiFan has highly ranked by the audiences and those who are working in film industry and confirm its own identity of area by providing newly various points of views.

Furthermore, by cooperation between PiFan among Yubari Fantastic Film Festival in Japan, and European Fantastic Film Federation, PiFan has progressed into the biggest gala of Asian in genres.

In addition, PiFan launched its first project market called Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) in 2008.



The 14th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival will promise you with flood of surprising and entertaining films and events everyday you ever dreamed of! PiFan2010 unleashes all your exhaustions from your daily lives inviting you to the world of ‘Love, Fantasy and Adventure’. PiFan with ‘Creating bulb’ changes the city with full of ordinary lives into a dream world, which will make your summer 2010 the hottest ever in your life.

The designer, Je-Hyung KIM, faithfully demonstrated to actualize the imagery only possible to be imagined from PiFan letting the audience taste this very special occasion building even more excitement for the festival this summer!

Design : KIM Je-hyung


Festival ambassador

PiFan2010 Festival Lady
HWANG Jung Eum, a Sparkling Delight as Summer Fest

Coming of its 14th year, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) has grown by leaps since 1997 and has established itself as Asia's the biggest and most dynamic film festival evolved into a global fame. To represent PiFan’s such unique character, each year PiFan has been inviting PiFan ladies as the festival envoys. Korea’s celebrated leading actresses such as KANG Soo-yeon and CHOO Sang Mi have served as the first PiFan Ladies, and the tradition has turned synonymous with actress BAE Doona, HA Ji-won and many other PiFan ladies who have became the leaders of next generation in Korean cinema.

PiFan2010 has selected HWANG Jung Eum for its 14th edition PiFan Lady. Starring at a TV series sitcom from last year, she has successfully played an uniquely positive and delightful character which instantly pulled her to the pinnacle of stardom with its tremendous popularity. She has also starred in (directed by YOO Sun Dong), this year's closing film of PiFan.

Aiming for easy to access, audience oriented and entertaining genre film festival, the 14th PiFan will be more fantastic festival than ever with this year's PiFan Lady HWANG Jung Eum, a sparking delight as a summer fest!