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- Period :  July 12(Thu) ~ July 19(Sat), 2007, For 10 days
- Opening Ceremony : July 12 at Bucheon Civic Center
- Closing Ceremony : July 19 at Bucheon Civic Center
- Screening Venues : Total 6 places, 12 venues
 Main Hall at Bucheon Civic Center, Grand Ballroom at Bucheon City Hall, Art Hall at Boksagol Cultural Center, MMC Bucheon 1 & 2, CGV Bucheon 7 & 8, Primus Bucheon 1, 2 & 3, The Zzam Zone 1 &2 / Bucheon City Hall Front Lawn Outdoor Screen
- Screening Films : 214 films from 33 countries (123 features, 91 shorts)
- Opening Film : For Eternal Hearts / Director: HWANG Qu-dok
- Closing Film : Kala / Director: Joko ANWAR


Welcomes its 11th year in enrapturing film lovers' imagination with dazzling themes of 'love, fantasy and adventure.' This year's PiFan has taken a drastic measure in selecting films of unique forms and styles that go beyond the realms of existing fantastic genre, in addition to choosing the latest domestic and international horror, thriller, mystery and fantasy films to satisfy dedicated fans of fantastic genre films.

This year, PiFan2007 is ready to present its further diversified cinematic journey in fantastic genre based upon ever-changing and expanding its boundary as the leading genre film festival in Asia. 215 films from 33 countries (including 124 features and 91 shorts) were selected for this year’s edition, with its opening film being HWANG Qu Dok’s and the closing film being Joko ANWAR’s.

PiFan’s programming consists of 8 sections, including Puchon Choice, World Fantastic Cinema, Fantastic Short Films, Forbidden Zone, Family Fanta, Ani-Fanta, Special Programs and Retrospectives.

Ani-Fanta consists of Nagai Go and the Robots of memories, Ani-More and New Media Ani-Shorts, while Special Programs consist of French Sci-Fi: La Vague Technee, Fanta Masters: Hiroki Ryuichi, Herman Yau, and 893239, a collection of Yakuza short films. For Retrospectives, Monte Hellman: American B-Legend, Dario Argento: Italian Horror Master, LEE Bong Rae: Journal of the Ordinary and Richard Fleischer: the Fantastic Voyager are prepared for PiFan audiences this year.


Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) has been a messenger to deliver ‘Love, Fantasy, and Adventure’ to those who love films. Many a film full of metaphor such as ‘Love, Fantasy, and Adventure’ has been encouraging the imagination of audience to interpret their lives in different points of view and to start new adventures. 

The artist LEE Haejeong has created the messenger that delivers dreams and fantasies as the main character of PiFan poster illustration. The main character of this poster illustration symbolizes the film makers who are expanding the boundaries of the culture of the 21st century and, at the same time, the audiences who love films.

The tree that the messenger is shedding light on is a modification of ‘Kkebi’, the logo of PiFan; it contains the present and future image of PiFan which breaks the fixed forms and conventions, and welcomes the diversity and creative transforming. In the year 2007, the 11th PiFan will bloom into a flower of fantasy nourished with the light of love. 

Designer : LEE Hae-jeong (Artist)


Festival ambassador

PiFan2007 Festival Guy
Lee Wan, Song Chang-ui

Lee wan and Song Chang-ui were selected as the “Festival Guys” for the 11th annual Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival this July. Lee Wan and Song Chang-ui are the two lead actors in a movie that’s set to open at the end of 2007, ‘Never Cry Boy’. Lee Wan and Song Chang-ui grew to be good friends during their time spent acting together. The festival concepts they had to capture and portray today involved: Love, Fantasty, and Adventure. The two got creative on the set.