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  • Festival Period : 13 ~ 23 July, 2017 (11 days)
  • Films : 289 films from 58 countries (181 features/ 108 shorts)
  • Screening Venues : Total 6 places
  • Opening Film : Room No.7 / Director : LEE Yong-seung
  • Closing Film : Gintama / Director : FUKUDA Yuichi


The concept for 21st BIFAN official poster features a symbol that is a three-dimensional embodiment of last year's newly made-over festival symbol, the 'Cell of Fantasy', which has been updated to be a more approachable and engaging version of its predecessor. The three-dimensional Cell of Fantasy has been named 'Three-Dimensional Cell of Fantasy'. The pink hued 'Three-Dimensional Cell of Fantasy' contrasted against the mysterious green forest in the poster's background symbolizes the spirit of BIFAN's midsummer festivities and gives off a feeling that is both captivating and refreshing. Appearing in a dreamy forest while bathed in radiant sunlight, the 'Three-Dimensional Cell of Fantasy' exemplifies BIFAN's theme of Love, Fantasy and Adventure.