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  • Festival Period : 17 ~ 27 July, 2014 (11 days)
  • Films : 210 films from 48 countries (Feature : 123, Shorts : 87)
  • Screening Venues : Total 10 venues
  • Opening Film : Stereo / Director : Maximilian ERLENWEIN
  • Closing Film : My Ordinary Love Story / Director : LEE Kwon
  • Festival Lady&Guy : SHIM Eun Kyoung


The concept of the official poster of PiFan2014 is 'The Encounter of the Reality and Imagination'. The friendly meeting of a dog and a girl appears ordinary in reality. But, in the imaginative world where all the figures are depicted as shadows, the friendly scene is transformed into a duel between a big dragon and an extraordinary girl with a sword.
Embedded in it is the story of the girl and the dog who accidently encountered on the road explore the fanta- stic adventure world together through mythical imagination. The story implies that PiFan is not a mere festival you go for the films, but the space where your reality meets imagination, and that it can be shaped after your free imagination in truly exciting and fascinating ways.
This year’s poster delivers warmer and more hopeful feeling than ever while it expresses the main theme of PiFan, 'Love, Fantasy and Adventure' and this year’s festival slogan, ‘Yes Smile, Go PiFan’.

Designer : Ichan CHEONG