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- Period :  July 21(Thu) ~ July 31(Sun), 2016, For 11 days
- Opening Ceremony: July 21(Thu), Grass Square, Bucheon City Hall
- Closing Ceremony: July 29(Fri),  Grass Square, Bucheon City Hall
- Screening Venues : Total 7 places, 17 venues
- Opening/Closing Ceremony : Grass Square, Bucheon City Hall
- Theaters :Bucheon City Hall Main Theater, Bucheon City Hall Fantashic Cube, Korea Manhwa Museum, Songnae Eoul Madang Solan Art Hall,CGV Bucheon, CGV Bucheon Station, Ojeonggu Art's Hall, Sohyanggwan
- Screening Films : 320 films from 49 countries (201 features, 119 shorts)
- Opening Film : Captain Fantastic / Director: Matt ROSS
- Closing Film : Seoul Station / Director: YEON Sang-ho


A Film Festival Noted for Its Films
Strengthening of festival program, in both quality and quantity
This year, BIFAN is screening the most number of films in its history with 320 titles, which are 85 more than the previous years. Two new Programmers have joined to strengthen the quality of its programming, while three Program Consultants, who are film experts of the Greater China and the Southeast Asian region, were added to help select the leading fantastic films from their respective territories.

Simpler Reconstruction of Screening Program Sections
To provide the audiences of various ages and tastes with easier and more convenient access, the categorization of the program sections is reconstructed. ‘BIFAN Discoveries’, ‘Vision Express’, ‘The Masters’ and ‘Ani Fanta’ are all combined into a section named ‘World Fantastic Cinema’, and then the section is again divided into two, according to colors. ‘World Fantastic Red’ is for BIFAN manias and ‘World Fantastic Blue’ is for the audiences looking for comedy, fantasy and drama genres. ‘Korean Fantastic’ is newly established to discover and introduce Korean films, while ‘Family Zone’ is brought back for all family members including children and adolescents alike.

Various Special Programs to Celebrate the 20th Year
To celebrate the 20th Year, the special programs are richer and more various than those of any other year. ’20 Years, 20 Favorites’ presents the past 19 years’ major films voted by the audiences, and the major works by the film company Gaumont, which is undisputedly the representative among French film industry, are screened in ‘Gaumont: 120 Years of Cinema’ to celebrate the 130 years of diplomatic ties between France and Korea. ‘A Black Star that Fell to the Earth: Tribute to David Bowie’ is to pay tribute to David Bowie, who frequently crossed between music and film and was the icon of the pop culture in our times. In ‘I Confess, Nakashima Tetsuya’, the audiences will be able to enjoy the collections of the films by Japanese director Nakashima Tetsuya who has been attracting a lot of fans with his own original style. ‘Best of Asia’ is a part of BIFAN Industry Gathering (B.I.G) program ‘Made in Asia,’ featuring the selection of top 3 domestic box office hits from 10 different Asian countries.

Significant Expansion of Industry Programs
Launching of B.I.G
BIFAN combines new industry programs and the 9th NAFF, which established itself as the network platform for Asian genre films, to launch BIFAN Industry Gathering (hereafter B.I.G). B.I.G is composed of four industry programs; NAFF which includes It Project and Fantastic Film School; Korea Now featuring the cooperative plans with all the associations in Korean film industry; Made in Asia providing an examination on major trends in Asian film industry; and New Media to introduce new trends of media. B.I.G will be a new stepping stone for BIFAN to collaborate and to coexist with both Asian and Korean film industries.

Korea Now - Solidarity with Associations of Korean Film Industry
With ‘Challenge’ and ‘Cooperation’ as the key topics, BIFAN launches ‘Korea Now’ as one of the industry programs to pursue balanced growth of Korean film industry and ultimately, to spread the K-Movie craze out to the world. ‘Korea Now’ presents numerous co-presenting programs that will bring tangible results, including BIFAN Scenario Showcase with Screenwriters Guild of Korea, SF Fantastic Forum with Producers Guild of Korea, We, Korean filmmakers are laborers! with Federation of Korea Movie Workers Union, K-Star Showcase with Korea Entertainment Management Association and Case Study: Korea-China coproduction with Korean Film Producers Association. In addition, an invaluable pitching program entitled ‘Discovery of Young Filmmakers: Shoot for Your Tomorrow!’ is presented to discover rising young filmmakers to bring fresh energy to Korean films.

Made in Asia - To Capture Major Trends in Asian Film Industry
‘Made in Asia’ is a unique industry program from BIFAN, which offers networking programs to Asian producers and a forum to examine trends among Asian film industries, including one of the festivals special programs ‘Best of Asia’. While BIFAN seeks to ‘discover’ new styles and future masters through its programs, ‘Best of Asia’ puts the current major trends among film audiences and markets in each country on display. Not only does ‘Made in Asia’ bring recent hits in the Asian film industry in one place, but is building a venue for Asia’s top producers to network.

New Media - The pursuit of new technology towards its cinematic application
BIFAN intends to pay close attention and continuously introduce the new technology in the film industry through New Media, a newly created program of B.I.G. This year, the program has gathered the newest Virtual Reality (VR) contents to be experienced through the use of FXGear NOON Goggles as well as the Vortex Immersion Fulldome, a 10mx10m semisphere structure that will be introduced for the first time in Korea.

“A Midsummer Fantasia” for all Audiences
Making the Festival Space That Will Take You Away from Everyday Life
A very special festival space will be set up in the streets stretching from the City Hall and the Grass Square, where the opening/closing ceremony and other festival events takes place throughout the whole festival, to CGV Bucheon at UPLEX, focusing on the area of the Bucheon City Hall station of subway line No. 7. In harmony with the surrounding commercial area, the space will provide an atmosphere of “A Midsummer Fantasia” and captivate the audience with its fantastic space designs. What’s more, CGV Bucheon Station and the nearby “wooden-floor plaza’ will become another major festival venue, while the screening venues
have expanded to include Solan Art Hall, Ojeong Art Hall in Ojeong-gu and Sohyanggwan in Sosa-gu to make the festival more accessible for the people of Bucheon.

Declaration of New Tradition through Rebranding the Festival Logo and Signature
Celebrating its 20th edition, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival reinforces its visual identity through rebranding the festival’s logo and signature. The new emblem is the combination of the letters of “BIFAN” and “Cell of Fantasy” which is the recreation of the existing festival symbol “Kkaebi” with young touch. With the new emblem, the festival’s Korean and English signatures, and festival colors are also changed. They will be used in various ways to give visual unity throughout the festival, from promotional materials to space designs. The new festival identity fit for the twenty-year-old festival will impress the audience more favorably and attractively.



The concept for the poster, ‘A Midsummer Fantasia,’ adds to the metaphor of ‘Cell of Fantasy‘ and goes with the summer season in which the festival opens. In the poster, the sky and melting background forms a swimming pool that symbolizes BIFAN, while young men and women can be seen above it. Above and below, inside and out, borders collapse and penetrate one another in the fantasy world, representing the space of imagination BIFAN strives to be.

2nd Poster / 20 YEARS OF BIFAN
The concept for the 2nd poster is ‘20 Years of BIFAN,’ and the poster was created using mobius strips, whose inner and outer sides are indistinguishable, to form the number 20, representing BIFAN’s identity as a festival which moves its audience with new and diverse films that exist on the boundary between reality and fantasy.
Much as the borderless ‘20’ serves as a place for young men and women to sit or stand and rest, BIFAN hopes to become a place for rest, relaxation, and adventure for even larger audiences in the days to come.

Poster Design | Studio fnt
Illustrator | CHOI Jeeook