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  • Festival Period : 21 ~ 31 July, 2016 (11 days)
  • Films : 320 films from 49 countries (201 features/ 119 shorts)
  • Screening Venues : Total 7 places
  • Opening Film : Captain Fantastic / Director : Matt ROSS
  • Closing Film : Seoul Station / Director : YEON Sang-ho



The concept for the poster, ‘A Midsummer Fantasia,’ adds to the metaphor of ‘Cell of Fantasy‘ and goes with the summer season in which the festival opens. In the poster, the sky and melting background forms a swimming pool that symbolizes BIFAN, while young men and women can be seen above it. Above and below, inside and out, borders collapse and penetrate one another in the fantasy world, representing the space of imagination BIFAN strives to be.

2nd Poster / 20 YEARS OF BIFAN
The concept for the 2nd poster is ‘20 Years of BIFAN,’ and the poster was created using mobius strips, whose inner and outer sides are indistinguishable, to form the number 20, representing BIFAN’s identity as a festival which moves its audience with new and diverse films that exist on the boundary between reality and fantasy.
Much as the borderless ‘20’ serves as a place for young men and women to sit or stand and rest, BIFAN hopes to become a place for rest, relaxation, and adventure for even larger audiences in the days to come.

Poster Design | Studio fnt
Illustrator | CHOI Jeeook