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- Period :  July 13(Thu) ~ July 21(Fri), 2000, For 9 days
- Screening Venues : Total 6 places, 5 venues
Bucheon City Hall, Citizen's Hall, Boksagol Cultural Center, Sohyangkwan, Kogang Social Welfare Center / Bucheon City Hall Front Lawn Outdoor Screen
- Screening Films : 141 films from 20 countries (88 features, 53 shorts)
- Opening Film : American Psycho / Director: Marry HARRON
- Closing Film : A Nightmare / Director: AHN Byung-gi


'The 4th PiFan that started with the specific sub-themes of 'Freedom, Resistance and Insurrection' was held on the matured basis of experience that is accumulated for 3 times of event, stable financial support and others in a way of being recognized as the international film festival that represents Korea and, at the same time, it was an event to establish the image of 'Culture City Bucheon' through the film festival.

This Festival removed many unnecessary protocol events in its official events, but it was organized with the focus on the films showing on the opening and closing events in a way of displaying the intention in the Film Festival, and it was the event that considered the most for audiences to enjoy the fun and convenience with the implementation of designated seating system, shuttle bus system, character product sales by using the character fantasy. As for features of the 4th Film Festival, the competition part that was called until the previous year as 『Puchon Choice』 was turned into the 『Official Competition Part』and it selected the films that represented PiFan for all long and short work products and awarded for 8 works and the movie section organized under the name of 『World Fantastic Cinema』 was classified in sub-sections to show in 『World Fantastic Cinema』, 『Restricted Zone』 and 『Movie Plaza』 to show in an effort to expand the audience classes to enable movie makers, movie manias and general public at large in zamily unit as the civil festival.


The first film festival of the new millenium should show a vision of the future. PiFan(Puchon International Film Festival) intends to reject the division of extremes and contain a mildness that implies diversity through this poster. The overall image tears down a boundary between a reality and an imagination. The mermaid's breast is partly revealed, with the face neither feminine nor masculine.

The character is rather asexual. The features of the body with the webbed hands make identifying this figure ambiguous. It is impossible to describe whether the figure is human or fish. The image represents a dextrous human who has ability to swim freely in the world filled with information. The shadow in the water of the human face and torso, the angel wings above its head make ambiguous whether this figure is of the earth or of the sea.

The lower body stands out in a circle and reflects light, protecting the 'kebbi' and represents the great motherhood that should forever be preserved after a life is born. The artist has reinterpreted PiFan2000's theme of 'Freedom, Resistance, Rebellion' and created a beautiful image consisting of freedom from convention, a fantastic space resisting the frame of reality, and the creative rebellion that embraces destruction. 


Festival ambassador

PiFan2000 Festival Lady
Bae Doo-na

What joy is joy, if Diva Doona be not seen at PiFan. What light is light, if Viva Doona be not seen at PiFan. Do you remember the frightening but pitiable spirit of the mystery thriller movie, 'The Ring'? Yes, she is the actress who had to fight against the mortal's world alone, and she is the one who brought 'Doona syndrome' to Korea; on the street you can easily find these girls trying to look just like her. Yes, that is she. DooNa Bae, the actress.

She is coming to PiFan as the 4th festival lady after SooYeon Kang, SangMee Choo and HeeKyung Jean. It seems so natural that PiFan chose her and it is so obvious if you think of how the world of PiFan matches with her; the world of Fantasy, Adventure and Romance. She appeared as this playful, but mysterious nymph guiding us to the land of Fantasy, and she proved herself in the movie, 'The Ring' that she is a lion-hearted nymph fighting against the common world. Yes, that's right. Not even in that movie. She also breaks traditional norms in her real life. She says what she thinks is right, she does what she believes is right, and she shows us how to fight against all the unfairness of the mortal's world. That is why teenagers are crazy about her and want to be like her. She herself simply symbolizes the next generation in her cool life style. Then again she, however, still believes in Romance when everybody says Romance is dead. 'What kind of life it would be if there is no Romance.' She says. Yes, you can say that only the youth can believe in Romance, but there, it is easy to dream of Romance without knowing the dark side of it, but if you can still dream of it even after you have been through the darkness, that is true Romance and that is what she believes.