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- Period :  July 14(Thu) ~ July 23(Sat), 2003, For 10 days
- Opening Ceremony : July 14 at Bucheon Civic Center
- Closing Ceremony : July 21 at Bucheon Civic Center
- Screening Venues : Total 4 places, 8 venues
Bucheon Citizen’s Hall, Bucheon City Hall,
Boksagol Cultural Center, imc11-1, 2, 3, 4, 7 / City Hall Lawn Square for Outdoor Screen.
- Screening Films : 172 films from 32 countries (89 features, 83 shorts)
- Opening Film : Nochnoi Dozor / Director: Timur BEKMAMBETOV
Battle in Heaven / Director: Carlos REYGADAS
- Closing Film : The Wind Mill Palm Forest / Director: Jonathan YOU
Open Water / Director: Chris KENTIS


The 9th PiFan was held for 10 days from 14 July , 2005 to 23. Even though the PiFan had the external and internal difficulties, it overcame them. With the external struggle, the European Fantastic Film Festival Federation (EFFFF) had to wipe out the Asian Film Award and postponed it temporarily. Moreover, as it was split from the real fantastic film festivals that was held at the same time, the responsiveness of audiences have been reduced compared to the previous years. However, the movie programs that satisfied the manias and general audiences had the great response from the local residents, and the atmosphere of film festival was improved by having the Street of Festival. For special matters of 2005 PiFan, two work products were selected for opening and closing ceremony each to satisfy the general public and the mania at the same time. The opening films, <Nochnoi Dozor> and <Battle in Heaven> and closing films, <The Wind Mill Palm Forest> and <Open Water> had the seats filled up to show great support of the audiences. In addition, with the revival of the Festival Lady that was abolished in the previous year, it was able to approach to the audience with the familiar film festival image.

From the Special Exhibition, the 'Tales of Egypt' had a great response from the audience for introducing the works in Korea for the first time and held the 'Ramese Photo Exhibition' during the time of the film festivals by introducing the movies and culture of Egypt. In the Special Exhibition (LAKIFF Special) for 1.5 generation introduced the Korean film makers in the US and contributed the understanding of second generation Korean and their culture as living in foreign land. Moreover, the president of the LAKIFF (Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival) came as the review member to participate in PiFan, and it was the opportunity to continue the exchange of film festivals. B&B has yet to be operated, but it has been a great help in publicizing the film program to the Korean distributors and entering into the contracts with the overseas work products. The most popular works in 2005 PiFan were <Cromaty High School> of Japan, <All about My Dog> of the family section and <The Neighbor No 13> of world fantastic film section. For the works that had many animation fans in Korea, the director Yudai Yamaguchi came in GA and stayed with the fans where the domestic fans had a passionate welcome to prove his popularity in Korea. In addition, the director Tokiwa Shiro of <Falling Distance 4'1' : birds>, the director Masayuki Koide of <Fleuri>, the director Hiroki Yamaguchi of <Hellevator>, and the director Torico of <Migakagami> and other actors participated to gain great response in GA. Furthermore, the works of erotica section and the Ginger Snap Series, cult movies of Canada, had the high popularities from the domestic movie distribution companies.

In <First Time>, the work that had not been shown with the regulations of the Philippines authorities, it was particularly meaningful to introduce in Korea without censorship on the work. With the participation of the director Lyle Nemenzo Sacris and the producers in the film festival, there was a great time of communication with audiences, and it was a great opportunity to introduce the Philippines movies to Korea.


Harmonizing 'Ggaebie' (PiFan official symbol) and mountains, the official poster of PiFan stresses the promising and elevated status of PiFan among the other film festivals. Visualizing continuously moving cloud in the upper corner, it presents the bright future of PiFan which will grow without interruption. The strong touch of a brush in the background represents the spouting vitality of PiFan. Moreover, 'Ggaebie' is humbly depicted with Chinese ink that represents Korea's oriental mystery and fantasy as well. In addition, the simplicity is intensified and a modern touch is added to the oriental beauty of the poster, leaving the white background. 

Poster Designer, Park Kwang-sin


Festival ambassador

PiFan2005 Festival Lady
Jang Shin-young

Shin-Young Jang, a promising and bright actress in Chungmooro(the center of Korean film Industry), is entitled as PiFan’s 9th festival lady who will represent our concept such as freshness, bizarre and novelty.
Miss Jang, PiFan’s 9th festival lady, is currently working on MBC Drama series where she is performing a character who has to go time travels between the Past and Present. In every episode, she performs the very different characters in different time, so she is considered one of representative actresses who will be the leader of Korean Film industry.

She has the remarkable debut in film industry because she was cast with Mr. Min Sick Choi who is famous for his breathtaking performance in 'Old Boy' and 'when the Spring Comes.'

Miss Jang always has shown her sincere affection toward cinema, saying “I don’t mind taking part in low-budget pictures as long as I can be sure about its quality.” Miss Jang as PiFan’s face will take part in PiFan’s various events herself for the success of PiFan2005 and also give many media release to publicize PiFan2005 to the overseas press as well.