Strange Stage

Music Presented by ‘EMA’

All-out urban concert in the middle of Bucheon City for those with insatiable taste for music and all things fun.
Essential Management for Artists (EMA) has always strived to be a stepping stone for artists to make great leaps and BIFAN’s goal throughout the years has been to find new talents in genre films. The two entities met to create the most ideal artistic collaboration yet.



July 9(Sat) ~ 10(Sun)

  • DAY 1 : July 9(Sat), 17:30 ~ 20:00 (150min)

  • DAY 2 : July 10(Sun), 17:30 ~ 21:30 (240min)


Bucheon City Hall Lawn Square


All standing (Non-designated)


Over 7 years old


  • DAY 1 : 55,000 KRW

  • DAY 2 : 66,000 KRW

  • ※ Discounts available for Bucheon residents (30%) and Early Bird (20%)

Ticket Purchase

  • Discounts for Bucheon residents (30%)

    June 21(Tue) 14:00 ~ June 24(Fri) 18:00

  • Early Bird (20%)

    June 28(Tue)14:00 ~ June 30(Thu) 18:00

  • General tickets

    July 1(Fri) 14:00 ~ The day before the event 23:59



  • 글렌체크
    Glen Check 글렌체크

    Glen Check made their successful debut with the song 60’s Cardin’ and is a band consisting of singer and guitarist Kim June-one, and bassist and synthesizer player Kang Hyuk-jun. Their cool demeanor, danceable beat and sound made them the most wanted band by summer music festivals. They performed in Summer Sonic, Nuits Sonores, and SXSW, and was a recipient of The Best Dance Electronic Album of the Year by the Korean Music Awards for two consecutive years.

  • 죠지
    george 죠지

    With his single Boat along with its quirky music video, the R&B singer-songwriter george made a strong impression on his fans. Since then, he has collaborated with famous artists such as Primary, ADOY, and Kim Hyeon-cheol and became well-known to the public. His EP LEEE was both critically acclaimed and publicly well-received. He is currently working on his next album amid great expectation.

  • 히코
    hiko 히코

    hiko is a new artist who released his first EP POLICE in October last year. The song As Time Goes By features george and it was nominated for the Best R&B Song of the Year by the Korean Music Awards. He is considered the freshest voice in Korean R & B, following the footsteps of Solid and Brown Eyes. He is a highly anticipated artist with his delicate melodies, sensitive voice and lyrics that resonate with the Gen Z.

  • 수민
    SUMIN 수민

    SUMIN is favored by both the critics and the public. She received The Best R&B and Soul Song of the Year from the Korean Music Awards in 2019. Her distinctive arrangement style and beat-making made her the favorite of BTS, Red Velvet, BoA and Chungha and critics have nicknamed her the forerunner of neo-KPOP. As a vocalist, SUMIN released MINISERIES with the producer Slom and the title song The Gonlan Song got them the Best R&B and Soul Song of the Year from Korean Music Awards in 2022.

  • 다희
    DAHEE 다희

    R&B singer-songwriter, DAHEE, became famous on Soundcloud. She debuted with the single LUH! (feat. Sole).

  • 제이보
    Zayvo 제이보

    He was well-known on Soundcloud even before his official debut. He uses minimal instruments to tell his stories in simple words. He became famous through the compilation album Red Bull Music Seoul Sori in 2018 and released 2 EPs and singles. He was the producer of the song Call Anytime by Jinu from Winner.


  • 넉살, 까데호
    Nucksal, CADEJO 넉살, 까데호

    After the release of their joint single Cyber Holiday in 2020, the two reunited. Their new single Leave Me Alone has shocked many listeners with the two’s fast rapping on top of its funk rhythm. The song was recorded in a single take and truly showcases the essence of collaboration.

  • 넉살
    Nucksal 넉살

    Just like one’s fingerprints, Nucksal shows musical and lyrical styles that are all his own. When others rap about the life of flexin’, he focuses on telling the ordinary stories but in killer rhymes, distinctive diction and clear vocals. His debut album The God of Small Things and 1Q87 (2021) got him Hip-hop Album of the Year from Korean Music Awards. He also appears in many variety shows.

  • 까데호
    CADEJO 까데호

    The band CADEJO is composed of guitarist Lee Taehoon from Hellivision, bassist Kim Jaeho from the reggae band Windy City, and drummer Kim Dabin from the jazz band JHG, and was formed in 2018. Their musical style encompasses jazz, rock, and soul.

  • Layone
    Layone 래원

    He received recognition after appearing in Show Me The Money 8. He released 2 EPs in 2019 and became famous after coming in 3rd place in Show Me The Money 9 in 2020. He is among the most loved rappers by Gen Z.

  • Kim Seungmin
    Kim Seungmin 김승민

    He was recognized through his digital single Dollar Sign (Feat.NO:EL) and his first mini album Island. For two years after that, he released 3 albums and 5 digital singles and solidified his presence as an artist. He also participated in many soundtracks and wrote songs for idol groups.

  • Cosmicboy

    With his own unique musical style, Cosmicboy is a fresh voice in both the mainstream and underground music scene. He was the producer of Let’s Drink by Giriboy, and released his own solo EP, Can I Cosmic? in 2018. While his style was hip-hop and R&B in the beginning, he widened his musical horizon in his album, Can I Love? and the EP, Can I Heat? in 2019 by incorporating a broader range of soundscape and songwriting.

    CHOILB 최엘비

    He debuted as a member of Sexy Street with his high school friend C Jamm and BewhY, and gained popularity with his solo release Daily Routine and his EP, Blue Sea 37. He is known for relatable lyrics and his album, Independent Music, which he dealt with family issues as well as the inferiority complex he felt about his already famous friends. The album got him the Best Rap and Hip Hop Record of the Year from Korean Music Awards in 2022.

  • 1300

    1300 is composed of 5 Korean-Australians and is a hip-hop group based in Sidney. They boast 50,000 listens a day on Spotify and are composed of rako, goyo, DALI HART, NERDIE, and pokari.sweat. They are already well-recognized in Australian media such as Vice Australia, Rolling Stone, NME, Acclaim Mag, and Sound Doctrine. Korean artists such as Palo Alto, Lil Boi, Kid Milli, and Ugly Duck are among their big fans.

  • ACCA
    ACCA 콕재즈, 아프로

    ACCA is a group composed of Cokejazz and APRO. For this year's BIFAN, they will experiment using a synthesizer while the other one DJs. Come and witness the great experiment by the two genius producers!

  • Cokejazz

    Even without a single solo release, the name Cokejazz is familiar to a lot of Korean hip-hop fans. He began his musical career as a key member of the crew team, Cohort, and established his fame as a competent producer by working with well-known hip-hop artists including Beenzino, B-Free, Kid Ash, Paloalto, Reddy, and Qim Isle. CokeJazz then enjoyed much success working with multiple K-pop singers such as Daesung from Big Bang, Hyorin from Sistar as well as Zico and Hoody. CokeJazz has shown his exceptional talents in not only producing a wide range of musical genres, but also conveying his own sensitivity to listeners. Following an avalanche of collaboration requests, he released his very first solo mini album LIMBO, showing his possibility as a singer-songwriter

  • APRO

    APRO is a multi-entertainer whose work can be seen in diverse artistic fields. He is a popular producer behind Dynamic Duo, Loco, Penomeco, DPR Live, Lellamarz, and pH-1, and is also a DJ and commercial music composer. He is among the favorite DJs in festivals like UMF and EDC and also a favorite guest for fashion shows such as Chanel, Dior and Bottega Veneta. He works under the label WAVY (founded by Colde) and he is the only music producer in Studio Concrete, which is founded by the actor Yoo Ah-in. Through Studio Concrete, he holds sound-based exhibits every year and he even designs his own merchandise.

  • 이바다
    LEEBADA 이바다

    LEEBADA is a singer-songwriter whose musical style is like the ocean’s waves in a sense that it keeps changing its form but its essence remains the same. She tells her stories through a wide variety of genres including R&B and electronica. Through collaborating with O.WHEN and OVAN, she was a co-creator of eight original soundtracks.

  • 김뜻돌
    Meaningful Stone 김뜻돌

    As her name indicates, she wants to express the meaning of all creatures no matter how trivial their existence may be. She became known through her songs and music videos on YouTube in 2015 and made her official debut in 2017 with A camera in My Dream. She started to gain recognition from critics after the release of her single Fade Away in 2019. Her first official album A call From My Dream got her Best New Artist of the Year by the Korean Music Awards in 2021. Her following EP COBALT was critically acclaimed for its fresh interpretation of 90s alt rock.

  • 불고기디스코

    BULGOGIDISCO is a rock band and its members consist of veteran musicians Lee Hyunsong, Kim Donghyun and Kim Hyeongkyun. Their style is based on the disco music of the 70s and 80s, punk and alt rock. The most noteworthy fact about this band is that they record all of their songs in a single take to replicate the mood of a live performance.

  • 넘넘
    numnum 넘넘

    numnum is a band that crosses over many genres. They released their first single It’s a TRAP in 2018. The name numnum is a word play of namnam which means separate individuals in Korean, and the band members indeed have individual and distinct resumes. Vocalist Lee Yoonjung was the front woman of the punk band Pippi Band and is also a member of the performance group, EE. Guitarist Lee Seunghyuk comes from a hip-hop background and is a member of the band Lemon and is a host of the show, Puppy Radio. Leejae is the bassist for the band, and is also a member of the band, Beauty Handsome.With influences by Devo, Talking Heads and Red Hot Chili Peppers, their music is also peppered with hip-hop and electronica, yielding a sound that is solely their own.

Time Table

Ticket Purchase

Special discount for Bucheon Residents

  • You may purchase the ticket through Naver Smart Store after logging into your account.
  • Ticket Perchases: June 21(Tue) 14:00 ~ June 24(Fri) 18:00

※ Discounted tickets are available for a limited time.

Early Bird discount and General Ticketing

  • Ticket Perchases (Early Bird) : June 28(Tue) 14:00 ~ June 30(Thu) 18:00
  • Ticket Perchases (General Tickets) : July 1(Fri) 14:00 ~ The day before the event 23:59

※ Early bird discounts are available for a limited time.
※ Ticketing for the event on July 9th is available until 23:59 on July 8th and the ticketing for the event on July 10th is available until 23:59 on July 9th.

Refund Policy

  • 100% refund until 3 days before the event. / Refund is not available before 1-2 days of the event.

※ For example, you may be refunded 100% if you cancel before 23:59 on July 6(Wed) for the event on July 9(Sat), and 23:59 on July 7(Thu) for the event on July 10(Sun).

Event Information

Ticket purchase

  • Tickets are limited to 4 per customer. If you wish to attend both days, you must buy 1-day pass for each day.
  • Tickets are available for purchase until midnight of the day before the event on our website. On-site purchase is not available.
  • Paper tickets will not be issued and you will receive a admission wristband after confirming your online reservation on site.

※ If you purchased a discounted ticket for Bucheon Residents, you must present a valid ID with your current address. If you fail to do so, you must pay the difference.

※ Valid forms of ID

Over 18 years old Under 18 years old (including elementary, middle and high school students)
  • - Resident Registration Card
  • - Driver’s License
  • - Application for Resident Registration Card
  • - Youth ID Card
  • - Application for Youth ID Card (To be valid, the form must be stamped and contain photo/personal information, and be covered in clear plastic)
  • - Student ID with a photo, DOB, and address.

Admission guide (Age verification)

  • You must wear a wristband at all times. You may be asked to leave the premise if you fail to present it. Re-issuance is not available in case of loss or damage.
  • Only those with the wristband will be directed to the waiting line.
  • Wristband is only valid for 1-day. You must wear a new wristband for each day.
  • Reservation information can only be checked once. Therefore, make sure all holders of reservation are present when checking and receive wristbands.
  • A drink pass will be given along with the wristband after age verification (1 drink pass per guest)

Hours of Operation

  • Wristband Pickup : 15:00 ~ End of last performance
  • Admission line : 16:00 ~
  • Admission : 16:30 ~ End of last performance

Venue information

  • There are no lockers on site
  • Pets are not allowed on site, except for Seeing Eye dogs.
  • Use of your own mats or camping chairs without legs are ALLOWED only in Picnic Zone.
  • Any wheeled transportation including strollers, bicycles, and e-scooters are not allowed except for wheelchairs. Guests on wheelchairs will be directed by our staff for efficient travel on premise.
  • Guests with the following items may be blocked from entering the site.
  • Items that are permitted and not permitted.
Permitted NOT Permitted
  • - umbrellas and parasols
  • - Mat(1.2m*1.2m), camping chairs without legs
  • - Balloons
  • - Flags
  • - Selfie sticks
  • - Water, Bottled beverages
  • - Free beverages from BIFAN
  • ※ Any items that block other guests’ sights may be limited to use on site.
  • ※ Permitted items are subject to change depending on the operation policy
  • - Food (Including picnic boxes, take-out, and delivery)
  • - Alcoholic beverages
  • - Tents (General tents and sun-shelters/tarps)
  • - Wheeled items including carry-ons, bicycles, e-scooters, and carts
  • - Professional recording device
  • - Ladders
  • - Inflatable beds and chairs
  • - Coolers, any cooking equipment, glasses and aluminum cups
  • - Any items that may be used to harm others such as glasses and cans
  • - Burners and fireworks
  • - Narcotics
  • - Any tools
  • - Any gas charging sprays
  • - Sticks such as pipes
  • - Baseball bats, toy guns or swords

Rules on recording

  • Recording for personal use is permitted, but live-streaming the event through social media or recording the event for the purpose of uploading on social media are STRICTLY prohibited.
  • Please be mindful not to block other guests’ sights when recording.
  • You may be included in photos and videos that may be used to promote our festival.


  • The festival is not responsible for any lost personal belongings due to negligence.
  • You may be asked to leave the site without warning if you post a threat to others and you may be subject to legal actions.