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- Period :  July 15(Thu) ~ July 24(Sat), 2004, For 10 days
- Opening Ceremony : July 15(Thu) at Bucheon Civic Center
- Closing Ceremony : July 22(Thu) at Bucheon Civic Center
- Screening Venues : Total 6 places, 8 venues
Bucheon Citizen’s Hall, Bucheon City Hall, Boksagol Cultural Center, Ojeong District Office-Ojeong Art Hall, CGV Bucheon 1, 2, 4, Sosa District Office-Sohyangkwan / City Hall Front Lawn Square for Outdoor Screen
- Screening Films : 261 films from 32 countries (83 features, 178 shorts)
- Opening Film : King of the Ants / Director: Stuart GORDON
- Closing Film : Bunshinsaba / Director: AHN Byung-gi


The 8th PiFan that was held from 15 July, 2004 to 24 for 10 days was the event that achieved the heightened status and growth as the international film festival, following the 7th festival, in the aspect of cultural image enhancement with the program scale and diversity, response of the audiences, building up the festival atmosphere as well as the support of Bucheon City in supporting the international culture event.

The workload that was much more in terms of quantity from the previous year in the film festival was processed without much problem through the accumulated competency. Moreover, this was attributed from the efficient work division and specialization in the office staffs with the computerization and other infra structures after the 7th Film Festival. There was a minor point of image loss in film festival from the problem of ticket system that was attempted as a way of enhancing the customer service.

As the outstanding case, the audiences had a high praise for providing the separate music played during the voiceless movies in Japanese animation to avoid the cumbersome movie watching. And, while moving the mega talk to Festival Club RP1164, the Lloyd Kauffman's 'Take Anyway You Wanted' was shown in the theater by contemplating the demand of audiences. The mega talk that was undertaken in discussion style was to make slight change to satisfy the demand of audiences to produce the movie in master's class and it gained significant response from the audience. The B&B (Biz&Buz) system was introduced in Puchon film festivals where to market was minimal, introduced and promoted the Korean films to the guests, and the foreign films on PiFan was introduced to the importers in Korea that the film festival was not only to show the films but to have the industrial aspects as well, and there were booths during the film festival to be facilitated as the place of exchanging the information.


The official poster of PiFan 2004 was conceived from the image of 'Freak Show.' It represents in a wild and old-fashioned touch PiFan as a festival that is willing to break the taboos and lead the audience to the extraordinary world.

'The Sausage Brothers' holding a camera in the poster were transformed from 'Ggaebie,' the logo of PiFan. They are equipped with a skill of cinematography and their vocation is to create 'Fantasy,' one of the three PiFan themes of Love, Fantasy, and Adventure. It is a tribute to the directors who have been enthusiastically making films to open up a fantastic world to us. The other selves of little sausages coming out from the camera symbolize their being nutrient to the little animals watching the magical scene. With the 'fantastic character' transformed from food, the poster embraces not only popular and friendly image of the PiFan, but also strange yet humorous touch. 

Poster Designer, Park Si-young