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- Period :  July 12(Thu) ~ July 20(Fri), 2001, For 9 days
- Screening Venues : Total 4 places, 5 venues
Bucheon City Hall, Citizen's Hall, Boksagol Cultural Center
Sohyangkwan / Bucheon City Hall Front Lawn Outdoor Scree
- Screening Films : 140 films from 35 countries (75 features, 65 shorts)
- Opening Film : Requiem for a Dream / Director: Darren Aronofsky
- Closing Film : Sorum / Director: YOON Jong-chan,
Amelie from Montmartre / Jean-Pierre Jeunet


The 5th PiFan was held for 9 days from 12 July, 2001 to 20 July and it was successfully undertaken with the great response in terms of stable event operation, improvement of audience service, systematic activities of the volunteers and others.

The event had the assessment that the satisfaction of audiences was heightened from the previous year with substantiated performance. Looking into the top notch works that PiFan discovered <Sorum> that was first introduced the overseas officials in film festivals that were three awards in the 22nd Fantasporto Film Festival of Portugal with Special Award from Reviewing Committee, Director Award, Female Actress Award (Jang Jin-young) and <The Butterfly> also won the Female Actress Award (Kim Ho-jeong) and Young Critics' Award from the 54th Rocarno Film Festival for their outstanding works.

During the Film Festival period, the opening movie of <Requiem for a Dream> and closing movie of <Amelie from Montmartre> had passionate reaction from the audiences as well as <Memento> and <The Hole> that had the success in theaters that it proved the great selection of PiFan for movies. Many genre movies such as <Battle Royale> and <Common Wealth>t hat had the opportunity to introduce in Korea was another great result of PiFan as well. In addition, <Visitor Q> and other Troma Production works brought refreshing shock to the audiences who have been encountered with the habitual commercial movies only.『Hogeumjeon Reminiscing Exhibition』 that PiFan had prepared for its ambitious special program was the opportunity to look onto the source of strength in martial art movies that began from <Bicheonmu> to reach its peak in <Wahojangryong>.

The program that had the attention of the press media by the participation of a number of movie personnel and general audience, 『Mega Talk』, brought the discussion on 「Our Question for Cultural Diversity」and the issue of how we are able to defend against the supremacy hegemony by defending our cultural sovereignty under the crisis of cultural diversity. 『Midnight Movie』 and 『Rock Concert』also had the greatest reaction as well as the 'Green Concert' and 'Fantasy Marathon' with the Bucheon citizens.


There are bursting flowers and a face with a multinational impression as a material in the poster of PiFan2001. In order to describe the peace through harmony, the designer, WooHyun Kang, uses Korean paper and ink and wants to depict oriental and Korean images through the poster. 


Festival ambassador

PiFan2001 Festival Lady
JANG Jin-young

JANG Jin-young, known for her roles in such films as <The Foul King>, <Siren>, and various TV dramas, is an actress with the capability to play various characters-sometimes sensitive characters, and other times wild rough coarse characters. For the 5th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, we have asked Ms. JANG to be our Festival Lady. As the Festival Lady, she will participate in various official ceremonies including the press conferences, opening/closing ceremonies, and the opening ceremony for the volunteers. Ms. JANG, through these activities, will publicize PiFan2001 to the audiences and film makers all over. Furthermore, in this year's closing film, <Sorum>, the audience will get a chance to see Ms. JANG's successful transformation from just a beautiful actress to a serious performer