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  • Festival Period : 27 June ~7 July, 2019 (11 days)
  • Films : 284 films from 49 countries
  • Screening Venues : Total 6 Places, 16 Venue
  • Opening Film : The Gasoline Thieves / Director : Edgar NITO
  • Closing Film : The 12th Suspect / Director : KO Myoungsung


The two official posters for the 23rd BIFAN were inspired by the unicorn in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982), which is considered to be a sci-fi masterpiece. The first poster, which shows a unicorn and Cells of Fantasy coming down from a spaceship and being scattered throughout the city of Bucheon, amplifies BIFAN’s identity. The gigantic unicorn in the second poster that seems to have seized downtown Bucheon sparks your imagination while also creating a sense of anticipation. The two posters promote the sci-fi genre, which is BIFAN’s concept for this year, and the visuals in both posters tell a continuous story.

Poster Design Design Studio PROPAGANDA
Bucheon Photo LEE Seung-hee
UFO & Unicorn 3D LEE Joong-hyuk, PARK Won-ju