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  • Festival Period : 19 ~ 29 July, 2012 (11 days)
  • Films : 231 films from 47 countries (Feature : 137, Shorts : 94)
  • Screening Venues : Total 6 places
  • Opening Film : Horror Stories / Director : JUNG Bum-shik, LIM Dae-woong, HONG Ji-young, KIM Gok, KIM Sun, MIN Kyu-dong
  • Closing Film : For Love’s Sake / Director : Takashi MIIKE
  • Festival Lady&Guy : PARK Ha-seon


'The Magical and Extraordinary Festival PiFan Starts!'
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan)’ is a delightful festival that seemingly would make come true of all magical and oddly strange things which could only happen in one’s imagination or dream. The poster is meant to fully express such giddy excitement of the festival Unlike other editions of the festival, this year, the posters were produced in two categories: the teaser and the main posters. The reason behind the teaser poster production was that the festival had been used previous year’s posters to promote the current edition in other countries before the main poster is made which usually comes out only few months before the actual festival. The story for the teaser poster is illustrated ‘a Fantastic Journey with a Magic Map’ where a magical Ggae-Bi character is walking back and forth around a huge magic map wondering what would be inside the map, the world hidden behind it.

An emerging illustrator HyeJin YOON has focused on developing a tree character using Ggae-Bi logo of PiFan to emphasize the idea of an approachable and friendly festival for everyone. PiFan’s website is easily accessible with QR codes included in the magic map.

The story of the main poster starts as PiFan takes a step into the door of the magic map finally opening its doors. The main poster is produced with the illustrator HyeJin YU. While maintaining the look from the teaser, the main poster has weighed more on mystical and diversified image of the festival that has represented by the extravagant blazing fire surrounded by various characters that has spent one unforgettable day at PiFan with laughter, happily playing music and enjoying the films. Applying the usual items people utilize at film festivals or any other festivals, the main poster presents an familiar and friendly atmosphere of PiFan where it aims to deliver the idea of an unimaginable experience within PiFan when fully enjoyed.

As the teaser, the main poster has included several QR codes which Ggae-Bi characters are holding. The QR codes translate to immediate and various PiFan information and video contents when taken with the smart mobile devices. This new QR code adaptation is expected to increase the accessibility of the content for not only the mobility audience but more people would be able to enjoy PiFan in general.

- Mog Interactive Creative Director, WonHee JUNG