Halloween in July


Event Schedule


July 8(Fri) - July 9(Sat) 22:00


Bucheon City Hall Lawn Square, Sohyang-ro, Bucheon Jungang Park, Ahn Jung-geun Park, BIFAN Street, Koryo Hotel


Bucheon community members, BIFAN visitors, guests, etc.



    • Guiding of the Spirits
    • Ascension Party
  • DAY

    • Blood Battle of the Century
    • Guerilla Parade

    • BariWorld Immigration Office
    • BariWorld Cafe
    • Bari-Garden
    • Princess Bari’s Chastity Trail
    • Bari’s Shop
    • Bari’s Hotel

BariWorld’s Characters

  • 바리공주 캐릭터

    Princess Bari

    Ding! Ding! The sound is getting closer and closer.
    The purple dot in the distance gradually gets larger, and a princess comes into view.
    The princess awakens souls and guides them to the afterlife.
    The whole way there, she smiles and speaks to them warmly.
    “We haven’t lost anyone, have we?” Princess Bari looks back now and again to count the souls.
    A soul that was far back has gotten lost.
    Princess Bari opens her head, loudly rings her bell, and guides the soul.
    The kind and friendly Princess Bari.

  • 무장승 캐릭터

    Mighty Mu-jang

    The sound of a person screaming can be heard in the forest. It’s someone who fell and hurt their leg while wandering around lost in the forest.
    Another scream is heard. The person has locked eyes with Mighty Mu-jang’s third eye.
    Mighty Mu-jang snorts in contempt and leaves behind a bottle of Mystical Water as he walks away.
    “What soul has Princess Bari gone off to help this time? I can’t find her anywhere.”
    Mighty Mu-jang has a terrifying exterior, but inside he’s anything but.

  • 오구대왕 캐릭터

    King O-gu

    King O-gu keeps glancing around as he paces around the entrance of Samdocheon.
    Pacing around like this appears to have become a habit of his from being unable to forget about the daughters he left back in the world of the living.
    The stubborn King O-gu seems to be turning into a worrywart in his old age.

  • 약료수 캐릭터

    Mystical Water

    Mystical Water is allergic to pollen.
    “Achoo! Achoo!”
    Even though Mystical Water is the spirit of water, flowers, and grass, there’s nothing it can do about its allergies.
    Mystical Water is as potent as its constitution is mysterious.
    Ordinarily, it likes to go inside water bottles and stare out of them with its round eyes, but once out, it’s a sneezing machine.
    Mystical water… Is this water or saliva?

  • 영혼들 캐릭터

    Wandering Souls

    Souls that have followed Princess Bari to the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.
    These children of Princess Bari and Mighty Mu-jang tremble in fear when they’re apart, but once they come together, they like to pretend to be brave and strong.
    Their hobbies include making bizarre faces.
    They’re quite the pranksters.