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- Period :  August 29(Fri) ~ September 5(Fri), 1997, For 8 days
- Screening Venues : Total 5 places, 6 venues
Bucheon City Hall, Bucheon Citizen's Hall, Boksagol Cultural Center, Citizen's Hall,
Sohyangkwan, Samjong Welfare Center, Young Cinema 1, 2 / Bucheon City Hall Front Lawn Outdoor Screen
- Screening Films : 113 films from 27 countries (64 features, 49 shorts)
- Opening Film : Le Voyage dans la Lune / Director: Georges MELIES
- Closing Film : Kitchen / Director: YIM Ho


''The 8 days of movie trip, PiFan was undertaken with the theme of 'Love, Fantasy and Adventure' represented the festival with the Bucheon citizens and was held for 8 days from August 29, 1997 to September 5 in movie theaters and event areas in the downtown of Bucheon. With the performance of the Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra, the first film festival opened its curtain by showing the opening work product of the world first fantastic movie festival with <LeVoyage dans la Lune> Malivs.

In the event, there were several works that had attracted great attention in <Kingdom> great attention in <Kingdom> that brought the new trend of 'midnight showing' of movies in Korea, <Kyoko> that had highly heated attention with the visiting of Murakami Ryu who has many fans in Korea, <The Contact> of director Jang Yun-hyun who displayed new possibility of Korean movie, <Kitchen>, a new sensitive movie that won the Puchon Choice, <Perfect Blue>, an animation that was more sophisticate than others.
The first PiFan was invited for a total of 113 movies and over 1,600 persons invited from 27 countries had the astonishing outcome of bringing 250,000 audiences in this newly launched international film festival.


The main theme of the poster is 'dream' which is about flexible and liberal thought that are connected to the main idea of PiFan such as Fantastic and Romance. 

Design : GU Sung-Hoi


Festival ambassador

PiFan97 Festival Lady
Kang Su-yeon

A veteran actress who made her cinematic debut in the movie, BLOOD RELATION(76) at THE AGE OF 10. She won an international acclaim through such film as A BREDDIN WOMAN(86, Best Actress Award at the 44th Venice International Film Festival) and AJE AJE BARA-AJE(88, Best Actress Award at the 16th Moscow International Film Festival). She appeared in close to 40 films and television productions. She acted in the movies, WHAT FALLS DOWN HAS A WING(90) and GIRLS' NIGHT OUT(98).