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- Period :  July 18(Thu) ~ July 28(Sun), 2013, For 11 days
- Opening Ceremony: July 18(Thu), Bucehon Gymnasium
- Closing Ceremony: July 22(Fri),  Bucehon Gymnasium
- Screening Venues : Total 7 places, 13 venues
Bucheon City Hall, Korea Manhwa Museum, Bucehon Gymnasium
CGV Bucheon, CGV Sopoooong, Lotte Cinema Bucheon, Grass Square at Bucheon City, Hall, Sosa-gu office, Seonggok elementary school in Ojeong-gu
- Screening Films : 229 films from 44 countries (134 features, 95 shorts)
- Opening Film : The Congress / Director: Ari FOLMAN
- Closing Film : The Terror Live / Director: Kim Byeong-U


Celebrating 17 years of Mystery and Imagination
Since starting 1997, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) had a vision to give representation to marginalized genres in film. Although all genres such as comedy, drama, and action will be represented, PiFan's objective is to highlight horror, psycho-thriller, sci-fi, and sexual themed films which are all marginalized in Asia. From its launch, Koreans have labeled these films at PiFan as 'genre films.' Although PiFan has received a lot of backlash from conservative Koreans, it not only persevered, but it has been crowned the biggest genre film festival in Asia. It doesn't stop there. PiFan is continually making improvements for the fan experience. This year, subway line 7 opened to make all the major PiFan sites a few minutes away from the exits. One of PiFan's goal was to make the festival a lot more enjoyable and mobile, and with this new line 7, we'll see a lot more 'Happy Audiences.' PiFan 2013 has its tweaks and improvements, but it holds to its principle of giving light to marginalized film genres. Welcome to PiFan 2013, where you'll find yourself in another World!

Summer might be hot, but PiFan is haughtier!
Showing off its color and range

Every year PiFan gets submissions of all types of genres from all across the globe. Now, PiFan's job is to filter all this and showcase the films that give the festival their unique color. 219 films have been selected, from 40 different countries (133 Features and 86 Short Films). Many of these selections will be world premieres. So for anyone who wants to experience fresh horror, thriller, mystery, and sci-fi films, PiFan needs to be their destination. But this does not mean that the festival is exclusive to these sections, because PiFan hails as the biggest Asian film festival with the broadest spectrum of film genres. 'Happy Audiences' will range from eccentric costume wearers to the average family, and this is a clear reflection on the various types of films PiFan represents.

Thank you subway conductors and engineers!
Why walk, when you can ride!

The newly built Subway Line 7 just made PiFan a lot more pleasant. On a hot Korean summer, the last thing film festival fans want to do is faint due to exhaustion. The new Line 7 connects Seoul, Bucheon, and Incheon, thus allowing the commute for a wide audience to become wider. Within Bucheon, Line 7 has exits conveniently located at Sangdong, Bucheon City Hall, and Samsan Gymnasium, which are all important destinations during PiFan. There should not be any excuses for being late to a screening, because Lotte Cinema and CGV Bucheon are all 10 minutes away from their respective exits. Now PiFan can't promise a 'sweatless' experience, but it can definitely assure that there will be less walking compared to the years before.

Audience-Centered PiFan
Until every audience is a ‘Happy Audience’!

The real protagonists at PiFan are the audiences and the fans. PiFan's catchphrase this year is 'Happy Audience.' Getting closer to the locals, receiving love from the audience, and pleasing the fans, these are all objectives PiFan staff will have met coming this festival. After the closing ceremony, 'PiFan Rush' will quench the fans' desires for an encore. The locals in Bucheon will be given the exclusive right to vote for their favorite actors through the 'Fantasia Award.' There will also be a parade, outdoor screenings, concerts, and other festive events to encourage local participation. If this is not enough, 'Photo Zone' at the Closing Ceremony, Beer Festival, and Camp PiFan are all there to instigate smiles and create the 'Happy Audience' experience.

A different way to enjoy PiFan!
The lovely outdoors meets PiFan~

Who would have thought camping would be permissible at a Film Festival? PiFan started this 3 years ago, and it has quickly became a fan favorite. Family and friends that camp at PiFan will be entitled to an exclusive indie band concert, Q&A with a panel of directors, and outdoor screenings. PiFan will provide tents, some food, and some drinks to all the campers. There is also a small convenient store in the camp ground if you happen to need anything else. This year is the 40th anniversary of Bucheon City, and to commemorate this, PiFan is offering all local citizens and college students 50% off when registering for Camp PiFan. If it happens to rain, Camp PiFan will still proceed, and PiFan will provide alternative events. Spaces are limited so act fast and register at our Official Website (

Asian Film Trends and Features
Asia - New Wave Movement and its Masters

This year, Asian 'genre film's' new wave movement and its directors will all meet at one place, PiFan. A couple of genres that are at the forefront of this movement are Indian Films and Filipino Films. Indian films exemplify the traditional genre, and Filipino B-Rated films are doing exceptionally well in the world-wide film market. PiFan will also be highlighting a couple of masters in the Asian 'genre film' world. The new works of Miike Takashi and Johnny To will be screened. Both these classic directors' works and the other films that are paving ways for the Asian film diaspora, should be a feast for the eyes of all 'genre film' fans.

Korea's young blood and Japan's infamous independent film director meet
PiFan2013, will highlight youth and Shinya Tsukamoto. In the 90's Tsukamoto influenced a new generation of cyberpunks and robo-mechanics in Japan. The director/actor, known as 'the invincible' Shinya Tsukamoto, is the mastermind behind Tokyo Fist and the TETSUO series. This year, Tsukamoto will be present at PiFan, and 7 of his works will be showcased at the festival.
Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA), is a place where young visionaries will hone their skills to be the next generation of directors in Korea. Celebrating its 30th year of revolutionizing the Korean film culture, PiFan will be commemorating KAFA by illuminating their best films. The representatives of KAFA will all be present at the film festival, to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

It's all Business
Asian Fantastic Film Production Network (NAFF2013)

Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) is entering its 6th year, and is now a powerful program that installs hope to all marginalized directors and filmmakers. NAFF is the film business side of PiFan, and it has grown exponentially since 2008. There are 3 projects within NAFF. It Project is a program which allows filmmakers to present their treatment to active producers. This year, there are 21 potential film synopses from 13 countries, that have opportunities to work with film industry officials. Next is Project Spotlight, which examines one country's genre of films and its development. This year PiFan will highlight 7 Filipino films. Lastly, Fantastic Film School (FFS) is a week long intensive course for a few fortunate filmmakers. The future of Asian film diaspora looks bright because of the pioneering efforts of NAFF.

PiFan is always in ...ING mode!
Never sleeping, and always upgrading

Beyond the festival period, PiFan is always active 24-7. PiFan organizes the 'Youth Film Academy' and the 'PiFan Road Show.' PiFan is continually making efforts to reach out and teach the importance of film art. Through the Youth Film Academy, PiFan contributes programs and resources to promote the future of film culture. The students will learn the entire process, from making a synopsis and treatment, to post-production and pitching. The PiFan Roadshow travels around to all the major metropolitan cities and advocates the art by throwing surprise events and screenings. PiFan does not stay complacent, and to retain its crown as the greatest Asian genre film festival, it works 365 days a year.


The Official Poster for the 17th Annual Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) can be summed up as imaginative. This year's poster is by a influential artist, Yong Gyu Lee, who is the leading illustrator at Design Corps. Lee's work is exhibited all across Europe and Asia, but this year he put all his focus and effort on PiFan.

The poster focuses on a giant cyborg, whose dual nature represents the dynamic ways in which the participants will come to experience this year’s festival. The subway train on the bottom of the poster is a small homage to all the workers who have installed the new subway line 7. This subway line completely eases the PiFan experience, as it has exits directly in front of every theatre. The artist’s use of vivid colors and out-of-this-world characters, portray energy and excitement surrounding this event in Bucheon. Chimeras, free-falling people, and flying whales are all migrating towards the same direction; almost as if the giant cyborg is 'pied piping' them to PiFan. The characters from land, sea, and outer space represent the diverse people PiFan attracts.

Last year, PiFan hosted over 70,000 people from all over the world, and this year, they are expecting no less. From people that dress up as their favorite animation characters, to the people that wear just shirt and ties, PiFan has the broadest spectrum of fans. Expect PiFan 2013 to hold its crown as the most genre-diverse film festival in Asia.


Festival ambassador

The 17th Annual Puchon Fantastic Film Festival is now revered as the biggest Asian festival that promotes marginalized genre films. Also for the 17th time, PiFan has chosen ambassadors that reflect the festival's personality of being unique and beautiful. Starting from veteran actresses, Su Yeon Kang, to the more recent Doona Bae, PiFan has consistently chosen ambassadors that put a lasting imprint on Korean film history. This year, PiFan has elected Hyun Woo Lee and the beautiful Mina Fujii as their spokesperson. This is the first time, PiFan has chosen a male and female pair to represent the festival.

PiFan Guy - Sky is the limit for Lee Hyun-woo 
Hyun Woo starred in the recently record-breaking box office hit, SECRETLY, GREATLY. In this action-comedy, Hyun Woo plays a North Korean undercover spy disguised as a high school student. He has grown from being a lovable child actor to becoming a lot more mature. This year, as 'PiFan Guy' he promises to keep challenging himself to get better as an actor, and also promote the passion PiFan initiates.

The Lady - Perfectly beautiful on the inside and outside, Mina Fujii 藤井美菜
Mina Fujii is a regular on a highly popular Korean show called 'We Got Married: Global.' Fujii was born in San Diego, CA, but grew up in Niigata, Japan. She has been in Korea for only a year, but she has impressed many with her Korean fluency. As PiFan's newly appointed ambassador, Fujii promises to study harder, and become a more established actress.