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- Period :  July 11(Thu) ~ July 20(Sat), 2002, For 10 days
- Opening Ceremony : July 11(Thu) at Bucheon Civic Center
- Closing Ceremony : July 18(Thu) at Bucheon Civic Center
- Screening Venues : Total 5 places, 4 venues
Bucheon City Hall, Citizen's Hall, Boksagol Cultural Center, Sohyangkwan / Bucheon City Hall Front Lawn Outdoor Screen
- Screening Films : 172 films from 38 countries (74 features, 98 shorts)
- Opening Film : Bend It Like Beckham / Director: Marry HARRON
- Closing Film : A Nightmare / Director: Gurinder CHADHA
Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet / Director: Aki KAURISMAKI, Victor ERICE,  Werner HERZOGerzog, Jim JARMUSCH, Wim WENDERS, Spike LEE, Chen KAIGE


The 6th PiFan was held for 10days from 11 July, 2002 to 20 July was considered as a great success in terms of quantitative result, showing the audience increasing rate of approaching 50% and the qualitative result in heightened audience satisfaction. In particular, through the motto of 'Audience Conscious Film Festival,' the effort was made for the upgraded audience service that brought the meaningful result to the Film Festival audience, movie makers, the Film Festival staffs and others.

The summer of 2002 had the fever of nation shaking 2002 World Cup with the concern of lowering the interest on PiFan in relative term because of the World Cup, thirsty people on festival culture was led to the explosive interest on the Film Festival that was held with much easier and sleek ways than the previous years. Another value discovered was that the Korean movie industry has made qualitative growth and the steady development of several domestic film festivals led the matured audience culture as well. Looking into the hot movies discovered by PiFan, there were movies that had great reaction from audience for <The Eye> that was impressive for audience with its specialized marketing during the Film Festival and led to the boom of the horror movie afterwards, <The Phone> that was performed by the Festival Lady Ha Ji-won that recorded the highest horror movie success after the 1990s, <Inner Senses> that attracted more topics from people due to the suicide of Leslie Cheung and <Dark Water>, the hit movie from the combination of Nakada Hideo and Suzuki Cozi.

The boom of horror movies that were hit in the main stream of Korean movie was really resurrected from Puchon last year. In addition, <Donnie Darko> and <Kissing Jessica Stein> also were the loved works from audiences from the words of mouth from Bucheon. Among the special programs that PiFan ambitiously prepared, the Mieke Dakashi Special Exhibition introduced the world of Monster Director Mieke Dakashi in systematic fashion and the director Dieke Dakashi personally come to the Mega Talk event site with director Kim Ji-woon and the mega talk that was focused on the remake boom of Korean movie in Hollywood had the theme on 'Hollywood, Focusing on Korean Movies: Remake of Korean Movies' attracted special attention.

The 'Special Showing and Seminar on Blue Movies' was the meaningful event to open the rating, review, censorship and discourse on, and it was taken as a new type of outdoor event for PiFan data for directors and actors together with the audiences in one place including director Park Chan-wook, director Lee Chang-dong, director Kim Dong-won, Ha Ji-won, Lee Jeong-jin, Moon So-ri and others. In addition, the publication works for 'Verner Hairjoke' and 'Mega Talk 2001' introduced through the special exhibition was also the great outcome from PiFan2002.


As a way of promoting the in-house design team and ensuring that the poster reflect the characteristics and aims of PiFan, the poster for PiFan 2002 was designed by the festivals own staff. In addition, the festival committee hoped that the official poster project would be a good training for the design team for other projects for the festival. 

Concept for the Poster
Love, fantasy, and adventure among these main themes of PiFan, the poster places emphasis on expressing the most appealing themes for young audiences: fantasy, adventure, and boundless imagination. 

Design Goal
To emphasize PiFan's characteristic as a non-mainstream international film festival, the design aim was to convey free-spirited and poignant image. 

Concept for the Design
The fantastic tunnel is expressed through the interplay of strong colors and subtle brush strokes, and by including the images of past PiFan official posters and newspaper clippings of the festival in the background, the poster traces the history of the festival. Moreover, the strong colors are contrasted to stimulate the spirit of adventure for the world unseen, and the balance of intense colors gives a sophisticated feel overall. 
Through the use of unconventional expression and colors, the poster is intended to arouse not only interest and curiosity but also a desire to embark on an adventure through the tunnel to the world of fantasy.


Festival ambassador

PiFan2002 Festival Lady
Ha Ji-won

The 6th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival has selected Ms. Ha Ji-won, star of the film <The phone>, as the Festival Lady. After gaining attention in the year 2000 by winning the new actors award at Daejong awards for her performance in <Truth or Dears>, she has since then acted in horror genre. In the summer of 2002, you'll have a chance to meet her at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival - a festival of Romance, Fantasy, and Adventure.