Theater Regulation

All screenings will start at the scheduled starting time

All screenings are due to start on time. Please arrive in advance to allow time for quarantine procedures.

Mandatory mask-wearing

You must wear a mask during the screening.

Age Restrictions

Audiences under the age of 18 are not allowed to watch the film.
(Admission to the theater is strictly prohibited for teenagers and high school students, even if they meet the age requirement, have the ticket, and are accompanied by a guardian)

Infants under the age of 4 are not allowed to enter the theater even if accompanied by their parents.

Bring your ticket

Only ticket holders(mobile ticket) will be allowed entrance into the theaters to watch the films.


Foods that can cause discomfort or displeasure to others will not be allowed in.
Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all theaters.
Only snacks and drinks purchased from a theater building are allowed into multiplex theaters. Only water in lidded containers are allowed into the Bucheon City Hall Main Theater / Fantastic Cube and Korea Manhwa Museum.

No Photography

Photography, video, or audio recording of any kind is not permitted during the screening.

Turn off your mobile phone

For everybody´s pleasant experience please turn your mobiles off.