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  • Festival Period : 18 ~ 27 July, 2008 (10 days)
  • Films : 202 films from 39 countries (Feature : 122, Shorts : 80)
  • Screening Venues : Total 12 places / Outdoor Screening 1 places
  • Opening Film : Waltz with Bashir / Director : Ari FOLMAN
  • Closing Film : Cyborg She / Director : KWAK Jae-yong
  • Festival Lady&Guy : Eugene


'Flying up toward imagination'
with a subhead : Flying with imagination and fantasy
The concept for this poster is 'Flying up toward imagination. Fantasy... and freedom'. Wings are used as a motive for this theme. The wings, portrayed in various illustrartions symbolize freedom, imagination, and fantasy, conveying the message of 'Flying up by means of PiFan' within the keyword 'use your imagination fully'

The flying human provides the image of enjoying freedom within the unlimited imagination. The wings attached to both the inner and outer self of the human demonstrate the changes that occur during the sepculation.

A series of posters each year is another way of expressing something new. At the same time, what the wings stand for is no other than PiFan, which is a productive experiment on fantastic movies.

Design : Son, Byeong-il (Author)