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Puchon Choice Awards
  • Best of Puchon : Bedevilled (Director : JANG Cheol-su)
  • Best Director : Gareth EDWARDS / Monsters
  • Best Actress : SEO Yeong-hee / Bedevilled
  • Best Actor : Richie JEN / Fire of Conscience
  • Prugio Citizen's Choice : GINTAMA The Movie (Director : Shinji TAKAMATSU)
  • Jury's Choice : Confessions (Director : Tetsuya NAKASHIMA)
  • Best Short Film Prize : Play (Director : David KAPLAN)
  • Jury's Choice for Short Film Prize : St. Christophorus: Roadkill (Director : Gregor ERLER)
  • Citizen's Choice for Short Film : Melt Down (Director : David GREEN)
  • Best Korean Short Film Prize : Rail (Director : MYUNG Bae-young)
European Fantastic Film Festival Asian Award(EFFFF)
  • Prize Winner : Bestseller (Director : LEE Jeong-ho)
Netpac Award
  • Prize Winner : Permanent Nobara (Director : Daihachi YOSHIDA)
Fujifilm Eterna Award
  • Prize Winner : Bedevilled (Director : JANG Cheol-su)

Puchon Choice Jury (Feature)

  • KIM Dae-seung

    KIM Dae-seung

    Winning the Best New Director at the 22th Blue Dragon Awards with his debut feature, Bungee Jumping Of Their Own (2000), he became a rising star of Korean movie world. Then he directed the amazing historical genre film Blood Tears (2005), which won awards at world's most prominent film festivals. His recent feature Traces Of Love (2006) was chosen for the opening film of PIFF.

  • Banmei TAKAHASHI

    Banmei TAKAHASHI

    Debuting in 1972, he had received sensational responses from the Japanese movie industry when he directed one of the punk masterpieces Attacked Woman (1981). Including his latest works Hibi (2005) and Zen (2009), he has made over 80 films so far.

  • YE Ji-won

    YE Ji-won

    She has played and broadcasted lots of roles like T.V, Drama, Sitcom and Film. She has starred with HAHAHA (2010), award winner film at Un Certain Regard of Festival de Cannes 2010. Her filmography is On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate(2002), T.V Sitcom Old Miss Diary (2006) and Happykill (2008).



    As a film critic and a Japan/Asian film expert, he writes for well known magazines such as Jeune Cinema, Le Monde, Les Voix as well as books on Japanese films such as ‘Japanese cinema: Yasujiro Ozu’(1971). He has been working as an art consultant for Cannes Film Festival and a jury for famous international festivals.

Puchon Choice Jury (Shorts)

  • MIN Kyu-dong

    MIN Kyu-dong

    Being recognized by his own emotional way of directing by his debut feature Memento Mori (1999), he came into the spotlight. Since then, he energetically makes films such as All of Love (2005) Antique (2008) and a episode of the omnibus film Five Senses (2009).

  • Susan CHAE

    Susan CHAE

    Starting her career as a producer of an animation film Egg-Cola (2008), she has actively produced films includes The End (2008) and Dance Of Time (2009). She built her career at film company Baekdoo Daegan and PIFF's PPP, and now is in charge of film import and distribution at KT & G Sangsangmadang.

  • Patrick FRATER

    Patrick FRATER

    Patrick FRATER has been working for the Variety and the Screen International, and established the Film Business Asia with Stephen CREMIN. Now living in Hong Kong, he is actively engaged in all direction of the film world.


  • Magnus PAULSSON

    Magnus PAULSSON

    He is the founder of Fantastik Film Festival of Sweden and a member of European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation(EFFFF). Working as a producer of Solid Entertainment, he made Frosbite (2005), which was selected to the Buchon Choice section at the PiFan 2006.

  • Romain ROLL

    Romain ROLL

    Romain ROLL is currently serving the member of the European Federation of Fantastic Film Festivals. He has been engaged in fantastic genre movie for the past two decades. Having served the head of the Luxembourg International Film Festival and the executive producer of the production company 'Red Lion', ROLL is actively working in genre movies.

Netpac Award

  • Ken OKUBO

    Ken OKUBO

    A Professor at Tama Art University and a movie critic, KEN Okubo wrote many books includes Geography of World Cinema. He was commissioned to be a member of the judging panel of film festivals and program advisor of Japanese movie. He is a member of FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) and Netpac(Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema).

  • LEE Hu-nam

    LEE Hu-nam

    He has been working as journalist since 1993 at the JoongAng Ilbo. In 2009, he started to write about movie and culture issues for the sunday newspaper ‘JoongAng SUNDAY’.

  • Maggie LEE

    Maggie LEE

    An Asia professional reporter of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, a program consultant of Tokyo International Film Festival, and the oversea exchange expert of Shanghai International Film Festival. Being an editor of the Hong Kong International Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Archive, she also has been very active working as a curator of film festivals and museums.

Fujifilm Eterna Award

  • LEE Hyeong-seok

    LEE Hyeong-seok

    He won the film magazine Kino's New Critic Award, and worked as a journalist for The Sports Chosun from 1999. Since 2003, he is in charge of reporting articles related to films for The Heraldbiz.

  • KIM Do-hun

    KIM Do-hun

    He has been a journalist of 'Cine 21'.

Preliminary Jury for Korean Shorts

  • AN Cheol-ho

    AN Cheol-ho

    AN Chul-ho, the representative of JACK FILMS, has produced Show Me (2003), 09:05 (2006) and Boy Director (2007), which was screened at the PiFan2007. He is currently working on a new feature film No Mercy that will be released soon.

  • OH Young-doo

    OH Young-doo

    As a component of a directing of the work The Seducing Man, he started finding his way to enter the movie world. He made his directorial debut with short The Cut Down of the Christmas 2 (2008), and his feature film debut Neighborhood Zombie won the Jury's Choice and the Citizen Choice at the PiFan2009.

  • SON Hee-jung

    SON Hee-jung

    She completed her master's degree in Chung Ang University Graduate School of Art and Technology for the title of horror movies and Cine-feminism. She had been a programmer of International Women's Film Festival in Seoul, and wrote and translated books related to films such as ‘Meeting an unknown person at the attic’ and ‘Female Freak: Between the suppression the violation.’