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Puchon Choice Awards
  • Best of Puchon : Getting My Brother Laid (Director : Sven TADDICKEN)
  • Best Director : Sven TADDICKEN / Getting My Brother Laid
  • Best Actress : Christiane H BRIGER / The Praying Mantis
  • Best Actor : Roman KNIZKA / Getting My Brother Laid
  • Citizen's Choice : Bet on My Disco (Director : KIM Dong-won)
  • Jury's Choice : Dark Warter (Director : Hideo NAKATA)

  • Grand Prize for Short Film : Salad Days (Director : Gustavo SALMERN)
  • Kookmin Credit Card Award-Jury's Choice for Short Film : The Pitch (Director : Nash EDGERTON)
  • Citizen's Choice for Short Film : Salad Days (Director : Gustavo SALMERN)

Puchon Choice Jury (Feature)



    The Chairman of Jury. A former freelance photographer, he made his debut as a film director in 1970 with Puzzle of a Downfall Child, the story of a fashion model. Schatzberg scored with his next directorial effort The Panic in Needle Park and Scarecrow starring Al Pacino. His critical following in the United States rose and fell with the 70's; after 1979's Seduction of Joe Tynan, the trend in Hollywood shifted from small introspective films to the Spielberg/ Lucas blockbuster mentality. But Jerry Schatzberg never lost his European devotees, as witness the international success of 1989's <Reunion>. Schatzberg won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival with Scarecrow.

  • Oh Soon-tak

    Oh Soon-tak

    Oh Soon-tek is a renowned Korean-American actor. In 1974, he acted in the 007 film Man With the Golden Gun and showed up in over 100 Hollywood TV and theatrical drama pieces. Starring the musical of Pacific Overturn, he performed at the stage of Broadway. Now, as a visiting professor at the Theater Center of the Korean National University of Arts. He will be featured in the Last of the Suns in July 2003. He has performed both Korean and English version of a sarcastic ballad, Have You Heard describing the Korean-American life through traditional Korean music and dance since 1978.

  • Alain CHOQUET

    Alain CHOQUET

    Born in 1960, Choquart studied at the Louis Lumiere National Film Academy. Well known as Bertrand Tavernier's favorite cinematographer, Choquart filmed many of Tavernier's films including Laissez-Passer, L'Appat, and Ca Commence Aujourd'hui. He has also worked with director John Berry, and their collaboration Boesman and Lena was screened at 2001 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. He has also worked in other fields besides long feature films, such as commercial films, music videos, and theater, and he finished his first directed TV series, La Vie devant Nous.

  • LEE Hye-young

    LEE Hye-young

    Although the public still identifies her as the daughter of the late director Lee Man-hee, it is her passion for cinema and her charismatic on screen performances that she will always be remembered for. Lee Hye-young began her acting career in 1981, by appearing in the musical The Sound of Music. Since then she has performed in many different fields, including theater and feature and short films. She has won many awards by appearing in such films as The Brazing Sun, Ticket, Wanderer in Winter, The Age of Success, Fly High Run Far-Kaebyuk. She appeared in the film <No Blood No Tears> shown her trademark charisma on screen presence.

  • Olivier MÜLLER

    Olivier MÜLLER

    Olivier Muller is 32 years old and studied history of film aesthetics and history of the film industry and economics at the university of Lausanne, Switzerland. Since then he's been active in underground film clubs until he founded the NIFFF (Neuchatel Int'l Fantasy Film Festvial). He loves all kinds of film, not only the fantasy genre. What he likes about fantasy is that, to him cinema in general is an art of manipulation, and since fantasy and science-fiction have very often relied upon technical tricks, he thinks that they are in fact true ambassadors of cinema. That doesn't prevent other directors and genre to make real cinema. He loves directors who tell very basic and absolutely not fantastic stories but use a lot of stylistic and narrative devices to tell them, such as R.W. Fassbinder, Jaques Tati and Yasujiro Ozu.

Puchon Choice Jury (Shorts)

  • MOON Seung-wook

    MOON Seung-wook

    The Chairman of Jury. Born in 1968. Moon Seung-wook graduated Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Department of Journalism and studied filmmaking in Poland. While in Poland, He worked as a staff member for Polish TV documentaries and commercial films. He made his debut with Taekwondo and after coming back in Korea, he directed The Butterfly which was screened Puchon Choice in 2001.

  • LEE Dong-june

    LEE Dong-june

    Acclaimed as one of the best film music composers, Lee Dong-june has composed music not only for films, but also for TV, theater, musicals, and dance. He has also composed scores for various big events. Starting with The Fox with Nine Tails, he has created original scores for such films as The Gingko Bed, Green Fish, The Soul Guardians, Phantom, the Submarine, Shiri, and 2002 Lost Memories, and has won many awards, including the Dae-jong Award and Chong-ryong Movie Award.

  • KIM Sung-je

    KIM Sung-je

    Born 1970. After graduating from Choong Ang University majoring in Psychology, he has produced such films as The Spy (1999), Die Bad (2000), Coming Out.The Greatest Day and Dachimawa Lee. He produced with director Ryu Seung-wan's No Blood No Tears. In 2005, He worked as a producer film at Blood Rain which won award from Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in 2006.

  • LEE Jin-sook

    LEE Jin-sook

    Born in 1969. She has produced the 30-minute short film The Trial and co-produced the film which shocked Chungmuro in the year 2000, Die Bad. She has produced the film Popee, which is selected for World Fantasic Cinema at this year's Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in 2002.

  • Oh Yoon-hong

    Oh Yoon-hong

    Oh Yoon-hong graduated from Dan-gook University majoring in theater, and graduated Choong-Ang University Graduate School for Visual Arts. Her first acting role in a major film was director Hong Sang-soo's The Power of Kang-won Province, and has since starred in The Uprising and several short films. She also performed in the high-acclaimed plays and has held poetry-reading performances. She visited in PiFan 2002 not only as a member of the jury, but also as a star in the film, Popee.