Vertical Short Film Special Screening : 25

Russian Roulette

Korea|2021|3min |World Premiere |


During the Japanese colonial era, two men are playing Russian roulette to find a secret agent. The player has two tablets: one makes him go forward 25 seconds in time, the other back 25 minutes. A situation drama with limited numbers of characters in a restricted space but transcending time.



OH Inchun

Graduated from the Korea National University of Arts. Since his directorial feature debut Mourning Grave(2014), he directed several genre films such as 12 Deep Red Nights: Chapter 1(2015), Chasing(2016) Nightscape(2017), Wol-ha : Very Bad Moon Rising(2017), Deathtrap(2018) and Friday the 13th : The Conspiracy Begins(2019).

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