Project Spotlight

BIFAN NAFF is the world’s first genre film project market and has played a central role in the Asian genre film market. As an extension of this, every year, ‘NAFF Project Spotlight’ selects one Asian country to focus on and conducts in-depth networking. It is a program that introduces the genre film projects in production in selected countries, as well as understanding the status of project production in Asian countries and the film production environment. The genre film project of the selected country will be given the opportunity to have one-on-one business meetings with domestic and foreign film industry professionals during the NAFF period and will be nominated for the NAFF cash awards and post-production support awards.

‘NAFF Project Spotlight’, which celebrates its 13th anniversary this year, will have the first time to shed light on Korean projects. 11 projects selected through rigorous evaluation will be presented in front of film industry professionals around the world

Project Spotlight History

2019 Taiwan 2015 China 2011 Japan
2018 India 2014 Thailand 2010 Taiwan
2017 Vietnam 2013 The Philippines 2009 Singapore
2016 Malaysia 2012 Indonesia 2008 China
2019 Taiwan 2013 The Philippines
2018 India 2012 Indonesia
2017 Vietnam 2011 Japan
2016 Malaysia 2010 Taiwan
2015 China 2009 Singapore
2014 Thailand 2008 China