Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival-238

Project Spotlight

Since being introduced in 2008, NAFF Project Spotlight has chosen an Asian country every year to highlight, and selected and presented genre projects from the chosen country. This year, the spotlight is on projects from Korea. Directors and producers of the selected projects get to have one-on-one business meetings with film industry professionals from all around the world, which could lead to a co-production, investment, and distribution opportunities. In addition, a jury that consists of domestic and overseas film industry professionals conducts individual meetings with projects in order to choose the outstanding projects that will receive cash awards and post-production support awards.

Project Spotlight History

2021 Korea 2014 Thailand
2020 Korea 2013 The Philippines
2019 Taiwan 2012 Indonesia
2018 India 2011 Japan
2017 Vietnam 2010 Taiwan
2016 Malaysia 2009 Singapore
2015 China 2008 China

Project Spotlight Selection

1 Project Asia
Director LEE Jungsub
Producer KANG Taeu,
JANG Taeyoung,
Country Korea
2 Project Buster
Director KIM Soojung
Producer KIM Hwabeom
Country Korea
3 Project Camp Page
Director JANG Woojin
Producer HAN Sunhee
Country Korea
4 Project David, a Butler
Director SO Jaewoong
Country Korea
5 Project E.S.P.
Director JUNG Jae-hoon
Producer KO Yoohee
Country Korea
6 Project House I Died
Director NOH Doyeon
Country Korea
7 Project Lana4
Director SHIM Yohan
Country Korea
8 Project Panic
Director SONG Kwang-ho
Producer JE Jung-hun
Country Korea
9 Project Peacock
Director BYUN Sungbin
Producer BONG Suji
Country Korea
10 Project Water Demon
Director LIM Jiehun
Producer KOO Sungmok,
SON Junghyun,
CHOI Jongun 
Country Korea
11 Project You Will Die in 6 Hours
Director PARK Sooyoung
Producer LEE Eunkyung
Country Korea