Collection of Goedam


In 2023, Bucheon Goedam Collection will be produced as a collection of the winners of the "Bucheon Goedam Contest," a nationwide citizen contest.

Contest Overview

Application Period

February 13(Mon) ~ April 25(Tue)


Short novel

Prize Sizes

10 Milion in total


Past, Present and Future of Bucheon

'BritG', a creative platform of Goldenbaugh, a publishing house specializing in genre literature, was very helpful in promoting and judging the Bucheon Goedam Contest. During the contest period, 'BritG''s main screen and SNS were used to announce the contest, and a total of 114 entries were submitted.

In 2023, The Bucheon Goedam Collection will be distributed to libraries in Bucheon and the metropolitan area, and will also be distributed as an e-book.


  • 협력기관


The third collection of Goedam, published in 2022, collected and produced overseas ghost stories with the cooperation of 41 UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature from 30 countries, and was distributed as an e-book on domestic and international platforms.

Partner Cities

Nottingham (U.K.), Manchester (U.K.), Exeter (U.K.), Edinburgh (U.K.), Dunedin (New Zealand), Jakarta (Indonesia),
Melbourne (Australia), Nanjing (China), Durban (Republic of South Africa) and Bucheon (Republic of Korea)


The second collection of goedam, Selected Short Goedam, published in 2021, was completed in collaboration with various publishing companies. A total of 30 goedam from the book format category were selected by a jury composed of film and publishing industry officials. These stories were published into a book and distributed to libraries. The publishers Bookocean, See & Talk, Yoda Books, Chungeo Books, and Goldenbough Books participated in the project as partners and sponsors.

Partner Publishers


In 2020, the first collection of goedam was completed. It consists of 20 non-book stories that were selected from the archive.