Nordic Genre Invasion

The Nordic Genre Invasion, which has maintained ties with NAFF since 2015, is a non-profit platform for film marketing, distribution, and collaboration for Northern European genre film producers. This section presents projects from filmmakers affiliated with the Nordic Genre Invasion that have the potential to co-produce with an Asian production company. Projects in the Nordic Genre Invasion section show the essence of Northern European genre films, which have been in the limelight as of late. Nightmare, a feature-length project that was selected for the Nordic Genre Invasion in 2018, was completed in the second half of 2022, and was invited to the Fantastic Fest and to the competition section of the Sitges Film Festival.

Nordic Genre Invasion Selection

1 Project Highway of Death
Director Pål ØIE
Producer Einar LOFTESNES
Country Norway, Finland
2 Project Kraken
Director Pål ØIE
Producer John Einar HAGEN,
Country Norway
3 Project Mourning Time
Director Saara SAARELA
Producer Mark LWOFF,
Misha JAARI 
Country Finland
4 Project PLANET
Director Fredrik S. HANA
Producer Julia JONER
Country Norway