Goedam Planning and Development Camp

Goedam Planning and Development Camp

This program is a lab that provides intensive support for the development of unfinished Goedam, helping them to become complete works through 1:1 expert mentoring and master classes. There were a total of 118 entries for the public contest held last January. In addition, 8 feature film and series projects were selected through screening. The projects developed will be showcased at the project pitch scheduled for October.

2023 Contest Overview

Application period

January 16(Mon) ~ March 10(Fri) (until 18:00)


Writers who want to develop feature films or series based on Goedam

Support details

  • 1:1 mentoring from experts (10 sessions in total)

  • Creative support fund of KRW 2.0 million to mentees during the planning and development (mentoring) period

  • Master classes

  • Prize money for excellent works that are selected from the pitching session (KRW 20 million in total)


Safehouse Inc.


Korean Film Council, Gyeonggi Province, Gyeonggi Content Agency

Goedam Residency

We invite overseas creators to stay in Bucheon during the festival and participate in the Goedam Planning and
Development Camp program to receive mentoring and develop their works.


June 12(Mon) ~July 9(Sun)


Bucheon City


Two recommended and selected talents(Taiwan, Indonesia)


  • Participate in mentoring and Goedam Planning and Development Camp schedule during your stay in Bucheon

  • Provide online pitching training after returning home

  • Participate in the Goedam Planning and Development Camp pitching scheduled for October


Taiwan Creative Contents Agency(TAICCA), Jakarta Film Week(JFW) (supported by the Directorate of Film, Music, and Media,
Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology The Republic of Indonesia)

2023 Goedam Campus Pitching


October 9(Mon) 15:30 ~ 18:30


Event Room A, Exhibition Hall 1, BEXCO (ACFM Venue)


  • 15:30 ~ 17:00 | Pitching Session and Coin Voting

  • 17:00 ~ 18:00 | Networking Hour

  • 18:00 ~ 18:30 | Awards Ceremony


All industry professionals holding market or festival badge

2023 Contest Winners

Projects Mentee Category
A Weird True Tale GWON Hyeong-u Feature
Black Turtle Island JUNG Hyunwook Feature
Endangered KIM Joon, KANG Sohee Feature
Guardian Souls KIM Bohyun Series
Knock GOONG Yujeong Feature
Leftover Women Detectives * Yen-Ju LEE Feature
Makwan City of Dreams-NENEK * Janice ANGELICA Feature
Obscura HAN Seung-won Feature
The Stealer OH Seung-jin Feature
You are it. BAEK Juyeong Series

* Goedam Residency 2023 partcipants' projects

Intensive Mentoring


May 11(Thur) ~ July 31(Mon)

Mentor Filmography
Jenna KU
  • Creator of Brave Citizen(2023), Shades of the Heart(2021),
    Josée(2020), The Table(2017)
    Penny Pinchers(2011)
  • Produce Little Forest(2018), The Running Actress(2017)
KIM Taekyung
  • Screenwriter and director of Don't Click (2012),
    Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait (2007),

    Dead Friend (2004)
KIM Hyunjeong
  • Creator of The School Nurse Files (2020), The Advocate:
    A Missing Body (2015), Desire to Kill (2010),

    Once In a Summer (2006), Traces of Love (2006)
  • Creative Consultant for Kiss Wood (2010)
  • Producer of The Advocate: A Missing Body (2015)
  • Creation, production and investment for It Was All You (2021), Invisible Evidence (2020),
    Invisible Witness (2019), Legend Heroes (2016), The Witness (2015)
  • Creator and producer of Blind (2011)
  • Co-producer and participant writer of Red Shoes (2019)
  • Adapted screenplay for The Witness (2015), Blind (2011)
  • Chief creator of The Perfect Couple (2007), Heart is…
    (2006), Bloody Reunion (2006)
LEE Yongyeon
  • Screenwriter of Seven Years of Night (2018), Wishing Stairs (2003)
  • Adapted screenplay for The Cursed Lesson (2009),
    Red Eye (2005), Unborn but Forgotten (2002),

    Surprise (2002)
  • Embellishment for My Punch-Drunk Boxer (2018)
LEE Yunjin
  • Creator and Producer Warning:Do Not Play(2019)
  • Co-creation·Producer Tastes of Horror(2021)
LEE Jinsook
  • Creator of The Age of Shadows (2016), The Cursed Lesson (2009)
  • Co-producer of The Age of Shadows (2016)
  • Producer of The Cursed Lesson (2009)
  • Executive Producer of If You Were Me 4 (2008), If You Were
    Me 2 (2006), If You Were Me (2003)
  • Chief producer of Bewitching Attraction (2005), Die Bad (2000)
HAN Jihyung
  • Chief Producer of Dark Hole (2021), Team Bulldog: Off-duty
    Investigation (2020), Search (2020),

    Hell Is Other People (2019), Trap (2019),
    Method (2017),

    The Power of Korean Cinema (2011)
HEO Jung
  • Screenwriter·Director The Mimic(2017), Hide and Seek(2013)