Scary Tales Planning and Development Camp

The Scary Tales Planning and Development Camp is a lab where the writers of incomplete scary tales can develop their projects into high-quality stories through one-on-one mentoring sessions with an expert and master classes. A total of 108 projects were submitted when a call for submissions was issued in April, and 8 movie and TV series projects were selected after undergoing an evaluation process. The projects that will be developed over a span of two months through mentoring sessions will be presented during a pitching session in July at BIFAN.

2021 Contest Overview

Application Period

April 1(Thu) - April 17(Sat), 2021

Who May Apply - Eligibility

Writers developing a movie or TV series that take “scary tales” as their subject matter

Scale of Support
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions with experts (8 sessions)
  • Grant of KRW 2 million awarded to mentees during planning and development (mentoring) period
  • Master Classes (3 session)
  • KRW 30 million for outstanding project
Sponsored By

Korean Film Council, Gyeonggi Province, Gyeonggi Contents Agency

2021 Project Selections

Project Creator Category
School of Magic JEONG Hyeyeon TV Series
Maegu HEO Jaeyong Movie
Curse LEE Changuk Movie
The Straw Doll HEO Hyeonung Movie or TV series
Scary Zoom Study Hall Stories MUN Yujin TV Series
It’s Not Enough to Be Nice NA Minri Series
A Pristine Area SHIM Jaehun Movie
A Gloomy Life KWON Yunji TV Series

2021 Project Pitching Event


August 26(Thu) 13:30 ~ 17:00, 2021


KOREA HOUSE (10, Toegye-ro 36gil, Jung-gu, Seoul)

Main Contents

Pitching of 8 projects and business meetings


Industry professionals

2021 Scary Tales Planning and Development Camp Program

Master Class

  • Dates June 1(Tue) - July 1(Thu), 2021 (3 sessions)
  • ParticipantsScary Tales Planning and Development Camp participants (mentees and mentors)
  • Schedule
    • NA Hongjin, Director

      June 1(Tue), 2021 at 15:00


      Head of Investment for Korean Films

      June 16(Wed), 2021 at 14:00

      Fantastic Cube

    • KIM Eunhee, Screenwriter

      July 1(Thu), 2021 at 15:00

      Bucheon Art Bunker B39 MMH Hall

Focused Mentoring

  • Dates May 4(Tue) - July 10(Sat), 2021 (8 sessions)
  • Mentor
    Mentor Field filmography project
    Taekyeong Director
    Director Writer/Director: Don’t Click (2012),
    Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait (2007),
    Dead Friend (2004)
    A Pristine Area
    Hyeonjeong Producer
    Producer The School Nurse Files (2020),
    The Advocate: A Missing Body (2015),
    Desire to Kill (2010), Once In a Summer (2006),
    Traces of Love (2006)
    A Gloomy Life
    Shinwoo Director
    Director Trap (2019), Into the White Night (2009),
    About a Bad Boy (2005), Goldfish (2004)
    (Subtitle: A Story of an Evil Spirit)
    Yongyeon Screenwriter
    Screenwriter My Punch-Drunk Boxer (2018),
    Seven Years of Night (2018),
    Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs (2003),
    Yoga Hakwon (2009), Red Eye (2005),
    Unborn but Forgotten (2002), Surprise (2002)
    The Straw Doll
    (working title)
    Jongho Writer
    Writer Novels
    Who Are You? (literal title, 2012),
    Ghost Stories series (literal title, 2008~2010),
    If (2006), Bunshinsaba (2008),
    A Haunted House (literal title, 2000),
    Fluid Migration (literal title, 1997)
    Writer: Gwimun (2021), Mourning Grave (2014), The Sleepless (2012)
    Story design: Yoga Hakwon (2009)
    Writer of original story: Bunshinsaba (2004)
    Jinsook Producer
    Producer The Age of Shadows (2016),
    Yoga Hakwon (2009), If You Were Me 4 (2008),
    If You Were Me 2 (2006), If You Were Me (2003)
    Bewitching Attraction (2005), Die Bad (2000)
    School of Magic
    Changeop Producer
    Producer It Was All You (literal title, 2021),
    Invisible Evidence (2020), Blind Witness (2019),
    Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs (2019),
    Legend Heroes (2016), The Witness (2015), Blind (2011),
    The Perfect Couple (2007),
    Heart is… (2006), Bloody Reunion (2006)
    It’s Not Enough
    to Be Nice
    Producer Appointed Chief Producer of OCN STUDIO
    Major works: Dark Hole (2021),
    Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation (2020),
    Search (2020),Hell Is Other People (2019),
    Trap (2019)
    Scary Zoom Study Hall Stories