It Project

Launched in 2008, the NAFF It Project is the world’s first project market that focuses exclusively on genre films. In discovering projects and providing production support, It Project creates new trends within the film industry and acts as a networking hub for the people engaged in the Asian film industry.

The fast-growing OTT services expand their impacts on the film and TV content ecosystem. Since 2021, the NAFF It Project has accepted not only feature films but also series projects, keeping pace with the trends of a rapidly changing film and media industry.

Directors and producers selected for NAFF It Project will get the opportunity to have 1:1 business meetings with film industry professionals from around the world to discuss co-production, attract investment and find distribution. The selected best projects will also be nominated for cash production support and post-production support awards. A jury of Korean and international experts will conduct individual meetings with the directors and producers of the selected projects to determine the winner.

It Project Selection

Director KIM Taekyung
Producer Andy YOON
Country Korea
2 Project Biraa
Director Bhaskar HAZARIKA
Producer Shyam BORA
Country India
4 Project FORTE
Producer Kimbo KIM, LEE Dajeong
Country Korea
5 Project The Grotesque Train
Director TAK Sewoong
Producer KWON Jiyong
Country Korea
6 Project Idiot Girls and School Gh..
Director KIM Minha
Producer PARK Sejoon
Country Korea
7 Project Lake of Stars
Director Jake WACHTEL
Producer Visal SOK, Mary OLSEN
Country Cambodia
8 Project Maiden Home
Director SINN Kirin
Producer Thim Kian CHENG, Saurav GHIMIRE, Grégoire GRAESSLIN
Country Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia
10 Project Out of Nowhere
Director Julian Yuchiao Lee
Producer Vivian H. CHIANG
Country Taiwan
11 Project Parasomnia
Director Rafki HIDAYAT
Producer Kevin RAHARDJO
Country Indonesia
12 Project The Passport
Director Ananth SUBRAMANIAM
Producer Bel CHOO MUN
Country Malaysia
13 Project Please Bear With Me
Director Gabriela SERRANO
Producer Gale OSORIO, Keith DELIGERO
Country Philippines
14 Project The Poison Cat
Director GUAN Tian
Producer Vivian BAO, DING Ningyuan
Country Hong Kong
15 Project Sesame Has Its Soul
Director Oscar DUONG
Producer Hang TRINH
Country Vietnam, Korea
16 Project The Shadows
Director Lingo HSIEH
Producer Jackol KAO
Country Taiwan, USA
17 Project Show Me the Liver
Director KIM Jeongho
Producer SON Seunghyeon
Country Korea