Work in Progress

*There will be no ‘Work in Progress’ for the first half of 2023.

‘Work in Progress’ is a program sponsored by Seoul Business Agency (SBA) to support post production work for the films that are finished with shooting. Projects are selected through a screening process for rough cut and shooting script, and will be supported with color correction (DI), sound mixing, and digital mastering (DCP).

This is a new program introduced to the project in 2020 to discover excellent content and expand the base of genre films. Since then, it has selected 16 projects over the past three years. A post-production support project has been selected with thorough consideration of the genre conformity with BIFAN and the film release feasibility. Twelve of previous selections have been successfully completed, and many have been selected for BIFAN screenings, international film festivals, and film markets, contributing to the support and development of filmmakers.

Work in Progress Selection

2022 Project Jinju’s Pearl
Director KIM Lokkyoung
Producer PARK Jinyong
Country Korea
2022 Project Oversteer
Director Derrick Lui
Producer Derrick Lui
Country Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong
2022 Project A Good Boy
Director SON Kyoungwon
Producer JUNG Jihye
Country Korea
2022 Project My Missing Aunt
Director YANG Juyeon
Producer KO Duhyun, KANG Sarah
Country Korea
2022 Project Annapurna
Director HWANG Seungjae
Producer JUNG Philju
Country Korea
2022 Project Cinematic Novel
Director KIM Hyunwoo
Producer KIM Hyunwoo, KIM Jiyeon, PARK Sohye
Country Korea
2022 Project Helpless
Director JEON Seungpyo
Producer BAE Sijin
Country Korea
2021 Project Be Young
Director SHIN Jaemyoung
Producer KIM Joohan
Country Korea
2021 Project Earth Vagabond
Director YOO CHOI Neulsaem
Country Korea
2021 Project Exist Within
Director KIM Jungwook
Producer JUNG Minah
Country Korea
2021 Project Mind Universe
Director KIM Jinmoo
Producer KIM Kyungsun
Country Korea
2021 Project Run Run Run!
Director KIM Wonjin
Country Korea
2021 Project Route1
Director KANG Kyungtae
Producer LEE Jiyoung
Country Korea
2020 Project Memory
Director KIM Hyunwoo
Producer KIM Hyunwoo, JUNG Soyoung
Country Korea
2020 Project Go to Kill
Director PARK Namwon
Producer NAM Kyunwoo
Country Korea
2020 Project High Angle (Cafe Hallway ..
Director YOO Taeha
Producer JO Woojung
Country Korea