Network of Asian Fantastic Films 2023

The Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) is the world's first genre film industry program launched in 2008 and marks its 16th anniversary this year. Over the past 15 years, NAFF has selecting 401 projects for the project market and trained 342 filmmakers at the Fantastic Film School.

The 2023 NAFF Project Market will showcase 29 projects from 18 countries, and prepare for on-and offline business using the experience during pandemic situation. In collaboration with Japan’s Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), Japan has been selected as the Project Spotlight country this year. Furthermore, NAFF is partnering with the industry programs of prestigious fantastic film festivals worldwide to support active exchange and collaboration not only within Asia but also beyond, such as with Sitges Film Festival’s FanPitch program, the Nordic Genre Invasion a program for the revival of Nordic fantastic films, and the "Blood Window" program of Ventana Sur, the largest film market in Latin America.

The outstanding projects that have undergone preliminary and final rounds of evaluation will receive cash awards and in-kind support from the Singapore Mocha Chai Lab. The VIPO Award, established last year, will continue to provide cash support, and a new TAICCA Award will be introduced this year, also offering cash support.


Network of Asian Fantastic Films, NAFF

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Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival(BIFAN)

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Korean Film Council, Gyeonggi Contents Agency, SBA

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Taipei Film Commission, Cannes Fantastic 7, Sitges - International Film Festival of Catalonia FanPitch (Spain), Blood Window (Argentina), HAF at Hong Kong International Film Festival, CreateHK, Nordic Genre Invasion, Unifrance (France), Golden Horse FPP (Taiwan), Rome Film Festival MIA, Shanghai International Film Festival, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival BIF Market, Korean Film Producers Association KFPA, Directors Guild of Korea DGK, Producers Guild of Korea PGK


1. NAFF Project Market

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