XR content

Beyond Reality XR content

Period January 1 ~ April 30, 2024
Only selected entrants will be contacted respectively via email by in the end of May, 2024.

Entry Information

Entry Process Entry to the Festival must be made through online entry system.
Preview File
  • 3DoF 360VR: .mp4 or .mkv (w/ h265 codec)
  • 6DoF Interactive content: either full build of the content or steam link for test
    ※ Shared link which includes preview files MUST NOT require login.
Entry Fee No fee will be charged for film entry.
Year of Production Contents completed after January 2023 are eligible. (Exceptions may apply.)
※ For more information, please read the XR contents Submission Rules & Regulations


  • On which platforms?
    • A. You must submit specific Tech Rider about the platform and device.
    • 360VR, 6DOF (Stand alone or PC Linked), Installation, Performance related, VRChat based, etc
  • Do you accept WIP(work in progress) projects?
    • A. Yes and no. Should your project be completed by the end of May 2024,
    • yes we accept but you will need to leave detailed note on its production status.
  • Can I submit multiple contents?
    • A. Sure, you can. One entry per content. No administrative assistance can be made for bulk entry.


  • BIFAN Beyond Reality
  • E-mail. newmedia@bifan.kr