Scary Tales Creation Support Program

Providing support for your strange talents!

In 2021, one of BIFAN’s goals is to create a Bucheon scary tales ecosystem with a virtuous cycle of planning, development, production, and distribution. The Scary Tales Creation Support Program consists of the Scary Tales Planning and Development Camp, which is a planning and development lab that is being launched this year; the Production Support for Scary Short Films program; and the School of Story Creation for Youth, a program that educates young people on how to create stories. The Vertical Cinema Production Support program was also launched this year. The Special Vertical Cinema Screening: 25 program is providing production support to 10 vertical films through the money that was raised by BIFAN and TikTok last year via the #HangInThereKoreanFilms challenge. The 10 films will be screened as part of a special BIFAN program at a special venue and on TikTok.