Fantastic 7

2020 ‘Fantastic 7’ Selection: <ILLICIT> directed by KANG Minji

2020 ‘Fantastic 7’ Selection: <ILLICIT> directed by KANG Minji

As the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival was selected for ‘Fantastic 7’, it became one of the seven major fantastic film festivals that represents the world. ‘Fantastic 7’ is a fantastic genre revitalization program launched in 2019 at the Marché du Film at the Cannes Film Festival to build mutual network, foster global talent, and discover and develop fantastic genre films. The other selected film festivals are Sitges - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Toronto International Film Festival TIFF, SXSW South by Southwest, Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara, Cairo International Film Festival, and International Film Festival & Awards Macao.

‘Fantastic 7 at the Marché du Film at the Cannes Film Festival’, which will take place online from June 22 to June 26, will present 2019 NAFF It Project selection ILLICIT by KANG Minji to film professionals around the world.

ILLICIT is a story of protagonists, Mona and Scarlet, tolerating the love and pain they suffered from being brainwashed from their families for a long period. Their inexplicable love in the name of family eventually leads to catastrophe. The desire for salvation and constant anxiety add power to the story. Moreover, the impressive mise-en-scène, which the director implemented in her previous films, seems to bring more synergy when converted to a feature film.

Projects that were nominated as finalists included Perfect World, which reinterpreted ‘time loop’ with a modern sense, and Night at the Evil Gallery by Kinemafactory. Perfect World improved the completeness of the film with the new approach to change the timeline by approaching the base of the brain and the rich composition that combines romance, thriller, and action with SF genre. In addition, Night at the Evil Gallery stands out for its new and original story, that the souls trapped in photos kidnap humans and are trapped there forever, and deep understanding of house horror.

Fantastic 7 History

Year Project Director Producer Country
2019 Superpower Girl KIM Sooyoung Dong H. KIM Korea
Year 2019
Project Superpower Girl
Director KIM Sooyoung
Producer Dong H. KIM
Country Korea