Special Event

Fantastic Music Film Festival

Date July 5 (Fri) ~ 6 (Sat)

Stamp Event

Date June 28(Fri) ~ July 7(Sun)
Venue BIFAN Goods Shops, BIFAN Information Desks
The 23rd BIFAN has officially issued souvenir passports for the audience. Purchase a passport from the festival’s Goods Shops, and present your paper ticket at the information desk. Then you can collect our hand-made movie stamps on your passport and you’ll be rewarded with the special gift. Please note that stamps are only available on the day’s screening, at the information desk where the movie was shown.

Midnight Screening Package

Date June 28 (Fri) 24:00 (Package distribution starts at 23:00)
Venue Bucheon City Hall, Main Theater
Dark Imaginary Shadow, Around You

On the last Friday of June, filled with summer night’s damp air, we prepared a special night for horror film manias who would like to spend the night in thrill of fear watching three special films BIFAN selected for you. We specially planned this very night for you to fully share the panic of hallucinated and cursed character in the film! Special gift sets and snacks are also waiting for you, don’t miss it!
* 3 film screenings, a special gift set, snacks

T-shirt Size : L, XL, XXL




대상 : 로봇 특별전 영화를 5편 이상 관람한 관객 
※ 초청, 티켓교환권, 배지로 발권한 티켓은 행사에서 제외합니다. 
※ 관람을 마친 티켓에 한하여 증정합니다. (관람이전 티켓은 패키지 제공 불가) 

물품 : 로봇굿즈 패키지 랜덤증정 (로보트대백과 1종 + 로봇뱃지 1종) 
제공방법 : 로봇 특별전 종이 영화티켓 5장을 가져올 시, 확인표시 후 패키지 증정

로보트대백과 (총 7종 / 랜덤 1종 증정)

로봇뱃지 (총 1종 / 랜덤 1종 증정)








Cool Pool Cinema

Date June 28 (Fri) ~ June 30 (Sun)
Venue Bucheon City Hall Lawn Square
If there is a natural pool in Guam, there is a grass pool in Bucheon!
We are going to have various events for the 23rd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.
Everyone can participate in the events held in the lawn open space, and there are special events and movies that will blow away the heat and stress this summer.
Come along with your precious people and make your precious memories filled with thril.

Date: June 28 (Fri), 29 (Sat), 30 (Sun) 3 days
Place: Bucheon City Hall Lawn Square

June 28 (Fri) Cool Pool + Bubbles
June 29 (Sat) Cool Pool + EDM Party
June 30 (Sun) Cool Pool + Crystal LED
✧Cool pool is Rental first-come-first-served
1. The event may be canceled depending on weather conditions on the day of the event.
2. It is prohibited to shoot or record pictures / movies due to movie copyright problems, and the professional shooting equipment that may interfere with viewing may be restricted.
3. Pets are not allowed in outdoor playgrounds.
4. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited except for designated smoking areas.
5. Excessive drinking and harsh punishment may result in forced withdrawal if it causes harm to other audiences.
6. If an emergency occurs, please contact the nearest operating personnel for assistance.
7. Information on prohibited items
※ We limit the number of items that can interfere with smooth events and movie viewing.
(Cans, bottles, pyrotechnics such as fireworks, and other dangerous goods such as drugs and other items classified as dangerous to others)

Fantasia Event

Date June 28 (Fri) ~ July 7 (Sun)
Venue Bucheon City Hall Lawn Square
From Iron Man to Groot, you can meet your dream movie character in mini games. Fight the superheroes through match, enjoy all kinds of benefits by posting on SNS.

Mon ~ Thu 15:00~19:00 / Fri ~Sun 11:00~18:00
* When SNS authentication
Mandatory Hash Tag (# 23 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, #BIFAN, # Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival)
Select Hash Tag (# 23BIFAN, # Bucheon)

EDM Party

Date June 29 (Sat)
Venue Bucheon City Hall Lawn Square
Burning Saturday !! Let's play with EDM party with cool pool!
Take a chance to blow the midsummer heat with colorful music sounds.
Lets go to live scene ~ !!

This - And - That Event

Date June 28 (Fri) ~ July 7 (Sun)
Venue Bucheon City Hall Lawn Square
Let's Instance emotion feel.
Bling! Bling! My hands are fun and my eyes are fun.
If you want to blow away stress and enjoy the fun and freshness, Let's use a healing item.
◯ Custom slime
◯ Calligraphy
◯ Drawing a transparent umbrella
◯ Making Glow-in-the-dark Balls
◯ Tattoo sticker

✧ Custom slime, neon sign making First-come-first-served online application
✧ Other experience will be field on a first come, first served basis


I Can Hear Your Voice

Date June 28 (Fri) ~ July 7 (Sun)
Venue Bucheon City Hall Lawn Square
Knock! Knock! Knock! Did you enjoy the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival event?
It is a place to listen to the voices of the audience who always love BIFAN.
If you fill out the questionnaire, I will give you a present and I will try my best to be a BIFAN who is endlessly loved.

Laser Tag

Date June 28 (Fri) ~ July 7 (Thu), 15:00 ~ 18:00
Venue Bucheon City Hall Lawn square
7vs7 people laser gun battle. Real hitting sense will make your nerves jump. The one and only chance for people of all ages to have fun and experience laser sports. Participants can make a reservation online and you can apply first come first served on site.
  • Pre-booking half, On-the-spot game on the first-come-first-served basis.
  • Surprise Surprise Team volunteers are waiting for the team.
  • It will be canceled when it rains.
  • Inquiry: Event Management Team Event Service 032-327-6313 (extension number 107)