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The Antenna

Turkey|2019 |115min |Korean Premiere |

  • SF
  • 변신
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103 7/10  10:30 CGV Sopung 4 18
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103 7/10  10:30CGV Sopung 4
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Program Note

Mehmet is a custodian of a grey high-story apartment in an unknown city in Turkey. Due to a new government policy, he is having a new antenna installed in the apartment, but the installation engineer suddenly dies. As the public TV channel starts their broadcast, a strange, sticky black fluid begins to leak into the apartment building and residents who come in contact with the fluid change into weird, faceless creatures. Mehmet starts to search the apartment building top find the cause.

This low budget SF dystopia is Orcun Behram’s debut film. The Antenna demands attention with its carefully-planned audiovisual techniques, which include minimal production design and meticulously-planned film and sound. The familiar story of an individual who engages in a life and death struggle in the midst of totalitarian suppression and claustrophobia is reborn through the unique atmosphere created by Behram’s stylish directing. From the film’s gloomy images, it’s easy to cast a critical eye over Turkey’s political and social situation under Erdogan’s leadership. (Jin PARK)


오르쿤 베흐람


Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1987. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago majoring film in 2011. Establishing himself in Istanbul, he worked in variety of projects from music videos and short films to documentaries. The Antenna (2019) is his feature debut.


Producer Orcun Behram, Müge Özen
Screenplay Orcun Behram
Cinematographer Engin Özkaya
Editor Burc Alatas
Sound Ismail Hakki Hafiz
Music Can Demirci
Production Design Ufuk Bildibay
Cast Ihsan Önal, Gül Arici, Levent Ünsal
Sales Stray Dogs

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