The special spotlight on a Korean actor or actress, a signature program of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, offers a profound exploration of the current landscape of Korean cinema through the traces of actors or actresses who represent contemporary Korean cinema. In this year's edition, the spotlight shines on CHOI Min Sik, an actor who personifies Korean cinema itself.

At the heart of Korean cinema for the past three decades has always been actor CHOI Min Sik, while Korean cinema has created a new era with talented directors, unique films, and electrifying energy. Known for his awe-inspiring performances, CHOI Min Sik continuously defies expectations, breaking free from his own established image to deliver exceptional acting that transcends boundaries. This remarkable ability to adapt and transform positions CHOI Min Sik as both an actor and an artist. He seamlessly immerses himself into each film, breathing life into characters that will forever hold a place in the annals of cinematic history. Simultaneously, he cultivates his own unique personality and style through perpetual evolution and reinvention.

In this special program, we present a selection of 10 films personally chosen by the actor, from the 1990s to recent releases. The list encompasses director Park Jongwon's Our Twisted Hero to Swiri, the Korean blockbuster mythology, along with Happy End, Failan, Old Boy, When Spring Comes, I Saw the Devil, Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time, Forbidden Dream, and In Our Prime. Furthermore, two Korean Film Academy short films, Vapor (1988) and On The Way To The Winter (1989) will be digitally restored and released for the first time in collaboration with the Korean Film Archive. A commemorative booklet of CHOI Min Sik's remarkable journey, an exhibition, and a Mega Talk with the actor himself will be held to bring unforgettable moments to the audience.