RYU Jang-ha|Korea|2004|128min |12+ |No Eng-Subtitle

Code Time Theater Rate GV
714 7/5  13:30 - 15:38 CGV Sopung 4 12  X
714 7/5  13:30 - 15:38CGV Sopung 4
12  X

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Program Note

It’s been a long winter this year. My dream is to play the trumpet in the orchestra, but I haven’t had any luck so far. Today I got a call from my old girlfriend saying she’s getting married. It’s really cold today. I have an ad in my pocket saying “Temporary teacher for Dogye Middle School pipe band located in Gangwon-do.” Where is Dogye? A broken love and a broken dream, all these become hope when I’m with you kids. The instruments are out of order, there are hardly any decent musical scores. What’s worse if the band doesn’t win in the upcoming contest, the band will be disbanded. These kids say they just like music. They remind me of myself a long time ago. As leaves sprout from a dry branch, maybe spring isn’t far away.

Program Note

As a counterbalance to his self-righteously violent characters with anti-social images, Choi Min Sik sought alternatives to the destructive aspect of the outlaw hero’s narcissistic claims. Springtime is a prime example of this. In the film, Choi Min Sik portrays a gentle and patient man, making efforts to diversify his roles. With its intertwined melodramatic structure, the film weaves the clumsy love life of Hyun-woo, a washed-up trumpet player, into two storylines: one is a romance with his long-time lover, Yeon-hee, and the other is a maternal melodrama with his mother. While the former envelops the broader context of the story, the latter serves as a tributary that supports and enriches the narrative. One scene that lingers in mind is when pent-up emotions explode, in which Hyun-woo, who becomes a band instructor at a mining village school, calls his mother in Seoul and expresses his desire to start anew. The vulnerability of a proud man is revealed when his phone call with his mother, which begins as a simple greeting, gradually turns into a tearful and choked voice. (JANG Byungwon)



RYU Jang-ha

Born in Seoul in 1966, he graduated from the Korean Academy of Film Arts. Debuting with Springtime (2004), he directed Crush On You (2008), The Pension (2018), and Listen to Your Heart. The Beautiful Mind (2019).


Producer CHO Sung-won
Screenplay YOON Jaekeun, RYU Jang-ha, LEE Eun-kyoung
Cinematographer LEE Mo-gae
Editor KIM Hyeon
Sound SEO Yeong-jun
Music JO Seong-woo
Production Design LEE Geuna
Cast 최민식 CHOI Min Sik, 김호정 KIM Ho-jung, 장신영 JANG Sin-young