Happy End

JUNG Ji-woo|Korea|1999|99min |18+ |No Eng-Subtitle

Code Time Theater Rate GV
207 6/30  11:00 - 12:39 CGV Sopung 8 18  X
423 7/2  13:30 - 15:09 MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4 18  X
207 6/30  11:00 - 12:39CGV Sopung 8
18  X
423 7/2  13:30 - 15:09MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4
18  X

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Notice of No English-Subtitle

Program Note

Min-ki is a banker who gets laid off after six years of service. Although he's under constant sense of uneasiness, he lives his new leisurely life without the stress of work, thanks to the successful career of his wife Bo-ra. Taking care of their baby daughter, doing the housework, and spending quiet time reading at the park, these are all blessings for Min-ki. Meanwhile, Bo-ra is having an adulterous affair with her college sweetheart Il-bum, with whom she was separated when he left for the military. Although she treasures her family and desires to keep it together, she is moved by Il-bum's love and by the sweet reminiscence of her youth. Soon, Min-ki discovers their intimate relationship, which brings about much pain and confusion among the three. All three dream of the possibilities for a happy end, bringing about an unexpected outcome.

Program Note

CHOI Min Sik’s portrayal of Min-ki in Happy End presented a new perspective on the actor’s numerous personas typified by his classical acting style. At first, Min-ki seems unlikable as he believes he has the right to gossip on the phone with the lady next door about a TV show, even amidst his child crying, the kettle boiling, and his wife, Bo-ra, working hard to support them while he remains unemployed. He is preoccupied with self-pity, lamenting his lack of luck or ambition. As this emotionally detached man wanders through the park, reading romance novels and shedding tears, CHOI Min Sik gradually explores the ever-changing aspects of his character until he realizes his wife’s infidelity, transforming himself into an embodiment of revenge. Beneath the various costumes, facial expressions, gestures, and acting styles adopted by CHOI Min Sik, the audience witnesses a human burdened with everyday problems and dilemmas. His performance blurs the lines between good and evil, causing us to grapple with whether we should sympathize with or condemn this character. (JANG Byungwon)



JUNG Ji-woo

Born in 1968. He graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Theater and Film and made his feature film debut with Happy End. He directed films such as Blossom Again (2005), Modern Boy (2008), Eungyo (2012), Fourth place (2015), Heart Blackened (2017), and Tune in for Love (2019). In 2022, he directed his first drama with Netflix's original Somebody.


Producer LEE Eun, JEON Chang-rok
Screenplay JUNG Ji-woo
Cinematographer KIM Woo-hyung
Editor KIM Hyeon, KIM Yong-su
Sound Bluecap
Music CHO Young-wook
Production Design KIM Sang-man
Cast 최민식 CHOI Min Sik, 전도연 JEON Do-yeon, 주진모 JOO Jin-mo