CHOI Bo-young|Korea|1988|21min |12+ |No Eng-Subtitle

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Program Note

A typical couple like any else. No special events worth reminiscing. No intense fights. But, to them, these are special memories and an important part of who they are.

Program Note

A graduation work by the 5th class of KAFA. The film captures young actor CHOI Min Sik in his mid-20s, who stood in front of the camera for the first time. He plays a poor musician on his final trip with his lover. With his unique and lively energy, he keenly portrays the ambivalent emotions of past happiness and the present sadness before parting ways. (CHOI Eun-young)



CHOI Bo-young

Born in 1962. He graduated from the Film Department of Seoul Institute of the Arts and the 5th regular course of Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA). He directed short films including Vapor (1988), which starred CHOI Min Sik, as well as A Pretty Cupboard (1988).