In Our Prime

PARK Dong-hoon|Korea|2022|117min |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
311 7/1  10:30 - 12:27 MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4 12
702 7/5  11:00 - 12:57 Bucheon City Hall Fantastic Cube 12
311 7/1  10:30 - 12:27MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4
702 7/5  11:00 - 12:57Bucheon City Hall Fantastic Cube

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Program Note

Ji-woo, an outcast in a prestigious private high school, does not fit in due to different social backgrounds than his well-to-do classmates. One day, he meets Ri Hak-sung, the school’s security guard who is actually a mathematical genius defected from North Korea, now living with his past shut away. Ji-woo asks Hak-sung to tutor him mathematics, and although reluctant at first, Hak-sung eventually agrees to. Finding each other in their most difficult times, Ji-woo and Hak-sung open up to one another during their special sessions, but their friendship is at risk when Ji-woo is framed for an incident in school, and Hak-sung is faced with people prying on his past.

Program Note

Lee Hak-sung, a brilliant mathematician who daringly escaped for academic freedom, lives as a security guard in a prestigious private high school. He comes across Han Ji-woo, an ordinary student admitted due to his socially disadvantaged background, and starts teaching math to him. Choi Min Sik’s fascinating portrayal in the film lies in his depiction of an open-minded adult amid a turbulent life who recognizes and encourages the hidden youthful spirit. The unsmiling face of the stern security guard, who emphasizes the importance of problem-solving skills, the freedom to try again, and the courage to make anything possible, represents the ideal image that many aspire to see in an adult. Despite his flawed personal life, he carries the face of someone who feels responsible, striving to fulfill obligations and show kindness to future generations. Choi Min Sik brings warmth and gentleness throughout the film as he patiently waits and nurtures the performance of young actor Kim Dong-hwi, creating a unique friendship drama. (PARK Got)



PARK Dong-hoon

PARK Dong-hoon graduated from  the Film Department of Seoul Institute of the Arts and obtained a master's degree in Visual Arts from Pratt Institute of the Arts in the United States at Chung-Ang University. He won the Best Short Film award at the 5th Korean Film Awards for the short film War Moive (2005) and the Best Screenplay award at the 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival for Enlightenment Film (2010), takes on his first feature-length commercial film with In Our Prime (2022).


Producer HA Jung-wan
Screenplay LEE Yong-jae
Cinematographer PARK Hong-yeol
Editor KIM Sun-min
Sound LEE Seung-yup
Music LEE Ji-soo
Production Design KIM Young-hee
Cast CHOI Min Sik, KIM Dong-hwi, PARK Hae-joon