Our Twisted Hero

PARK Jong-won|Korea|1992|119min |G |No Eng-Subtitle

Code Time Theater Rate GV
335 7/1  16:30 - 18:29 MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4 G  X
617 7/4  14:00 - 15:59 CGV Sopung 8 G  X
335 7/1  16:30 - 18:29MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4
G  X
617 7/4  14:00 - 15:59CGV Sopung 8
G  X

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Program Note

This is the story of the dreams, agony discord and friendship of a group of country school boys before the beginning of Korea's economic boom in the late 50s and 60s. The story begins with Han Byung-tae, a lecturer at a college entrance preparatory institute, recalling his primary school days, 30 years ago. Byung-tae's father was transferred at that time into a rural area from his government office in Seoul. Byung-tae started attending the local school, there he meets Um Suk-dae, The class monitor and bully. At first there is conflict between the two boys but eventually Byung-tae submits to the oppression. A new teacher, Kim chong-won takes Charge of the class and begins to put all the wrongs right by teaching the boys about equality, justice, truth, courage and democracy.

Program Note

When Kim Jeong-won is appointed to a rural school, he senses something is not right. It strikes him as odd that everyone in the school, including the principal, appears overly protective of a student named Um Suk-dae. Even though he’s a model student, Suk-dae’s behavior seems suspicious. The film adaptation of Lee Mun-yeol’s short story, criticizes the dictatorship of the Syngman Rhee regime around 1960 through the totalitarian situation that unfolds within the school. The film follows Byung-tae, who is transferred from Seoul to a rural school and faces mental domination by Suk-dae after confronting him. It demonstrates that such totalitarianism has not disappeared but still survived even after 30 years, becoming the dominant ideology in Korean society. As a testament to this enduring presence, once a sincere teacher, Jeong-won, has transformed into a member of the National Assembly and a figure who has received numerous privileges from the ruling class. “Our Twisted Heroes” still reveal their presence in various corners of our society. (HUH Namwoong)



PARK Jong-won

Born in Seoul in 1958. In 1989, he debuted with Guro Arirang based on Lee Moon-yeol’s novel. In 1992, his second film our twisted hero won best film and director awards at various domestic film festivals, including the Blue Dragon Awards, Baeksang Awards, and Daejong Awards, while receiving special awards at the Montreal International Film Festival. He also directed Eternal Empire (1995), Rainbow Trout (1999) and Paradise Villa (2000). He is currently a professor at Korea National University of Arts.


Producer DO Dong-hwan
Screenplay JANG Hyun-soo, PARK Jong-won
Author of the Original Work LEE Mun-yeol
Cinematographer CHUNG Kwang-suk
Editor REE Kyoung-ja
Music SONG Byeong-joon
Cast 최민식 CHOI Min Sik, 홍경인 HONG Kyung-in, 고정일 GO Jeong-il