I Saw The Devil

KIM Jee-woon|Korea|2010|144min |18+ |No Eng-Subtitle

Code Time Theater Rate GV
345 7/1  19:30 - 21:54 MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4 18  X
607 7/4  11:00 - 13:24 CGV Sopung 8 18  X
345 7/1  19:30 - 21:54MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4
18  X
607 7/4  11:00 - 13:24CGV Sopung 8
18  X

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Program Note

Su-hyeon vows to exact the most excruciating revenge fueled by self-blame and anger when his fiancée, Ju-yeon, is brutally murdered, and he fails to protect the person most dear to him. Su-hyeon discovers that serial killer Kyung-chul is the culprit and begins a relentless pursuit of punishing him, inflicting as much pain as possible before releasing him. However, Kyung-chul, a murderer even more wicked than a devil, relishes the emergence of an equally formidable adversary and begins to fight back in a retaliatory manner...

Program Note

I Saw The Devil is a testament to the vitality of the Korean revenge thriller, along with its pioneer, Old Boy. The film’s theme leans on Nietzsche’s quote, “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” This merciless drama explores calculated violence, accidental cannibalism, and sexual perversion, subjecting the audience to over two hours of torment. CHOI Min Sik takes the lead as Kyung-chul, a serial killer who brutally dismembers his victims. His chilling presence on the screen raises suspicions of deeper, undisclosed atrocities, transcending his role as a mere metaphor for a state of anarchy. CHOI Min Sik flawlessly nails the character’s sensibilities, creating a sense of immersion that remains unaffected by the scenes of Kyung-chul being tortured or ambushed. CHOI Min Sik’s calculated performance provides various clues about the character while illustrating a monster who seems to have nothing left to lose, forced to replace physical pain with even greater pain. (JANG Byungwon)



KIM Jee-woon

KIM Jee-woon was born in Seoul, South Korea. He made his debut in 1998 with The Quiet Family. He directed The Foul King (2000), A Tale of Two Sisters (2003), A Bittersweet Life (2005), The Good, the Bad, and the Weird (2013), The Age of Shadows (2016), and Illang : The Wolf Bridge (2018). Cobweb was invited to the out of competition at this year's Cannes Film Festival.


Producer KIM Hyun-woo
Screenplay PARK Hoon-jeong
Cinematographer LEE Mo-gae
Editor NAM Na-young
Sound CHOI Tae-young
Music Mowg
Production Design CHO Hwa-sung
Cast 최민식 CHOI Min Sik, 이병헌 LEE Byung-hun, 전국환 JEON Guk-hwan