On The Way To The Winter

HONG Jun Seok|Korea|1989|23min |12+ |No Eng-Subtitle

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Program Note

Gi-dal is preparing a new school play. His bossy professor sends him on errands and makes him prepare materials. On Christmas Eve, when he is supposed to meet his girlfriend, his professor, who is running late on a deadline, asks to copy his article.

Program Note

A graduation work by the 6th class of KAFA. The film sets against the backdrop of a campus, portraying a sweet love story with a critical perspective toward society. CHOI Min Sik showcases more gestures and expressions in the bright and cheerful mood of the film. He captivates attention with his radiant appearance and surprisingly romantic moments. (CHOI Eun-young)



HONG Jun Seok

Born in 1963. He graduated from the department of Theater & Film of Dongguk University and the 6th regular course of Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA). He directed short films including On The Way To The Winter (1989), which starred CHOI Min Sik, as well as A Knot (1988) and The Fall Of Our Own (1989).