Old Boy

PARK Chan-wook|Korea|2003|120min |18+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
323 7/1  13:30 - 15:30 MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4 18
716 7/5  13:30 - 15:30 CGV Sopung 6 18
323 7/1  13:30 - 15:30MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4
716 7/5  13:30 - 15:30CGV Sopung 6

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Program Note

O Dae-su, a man who is abducted and imprisoned for 15 years. Upon his release, he discovers his wife's murder and becomes determined to seek revenge. As he investigates his captivity, he forms a bond with Mi-do, an assistant cook, and learns about a mysterious organization called 'Cheongryong.' Dae-su is challenged by his captor, Wu-jin, to uncover the reason for his imprisonment within five days, with the promise that Wu-jin will kill himself if successful. The film explores themes of vengeance, memory, and the consequences of one's actions.

Program Note

The signature scene in Old Boy, where CHOI Min Sik chews on a live octopus in a sushi bar, stunned Western audiences. CHOI Min Sik himself suggested the idea of this scene, as he believed that gripping and eating the octopus with his hands would better express the psychological state of a primitive being who had spent 15 years consumed by anger. To portray Dae-soo, who was mysteriously kidnapped and imprisoned in solitary confinement, CHOI Min Sik demonstrates his capability to do anything. Dae-soo embarks on a revenge rampage, extracting his captors’ teeth, striking his enemies with a hammer, and even cutting out his own tongue with scissors. What happens to him symbolizes the unpredictability and absurdity of life, pushing him beyond the boundaries of an ordinary person. With a messy hairstyle and striking changes in how he speaks, CHOI Min Sik does not pass judgment on whether Dae-soo is a good person or not. Instead, he portrays him as a symbol of revenge who has given up hope of becoming a better human being. (JANG Byungwon)



PARK Chan-wook

In 1992, he made his debut with The Moon is What the Sun Dreams of. His major works include Joint Security Area (2000), Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (2005), and The Handmaiden (2016). He won Old Boy won the Cannes Film Festival Jury Award and Thirst (2009) and the Cannes Film Festival Director Award. He won Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival for Old Boy, the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for Thirst (2009) and Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival for Decision to Leave (2022).


Producer KIM Dong-joo, JI Yeong-jun
Screenplay HWANG Jo-yun, YIM Jun-hyung, PARK Chan-wook
Cinematographer JUNG Jung-hoon
Editor KIM Sang-bum, KIM Jae-beom
Sound LEE Seung-chul
Music CHO Young-wook
Production Design RYU eong-hui
Cast 최민식 CHOI Min Sik, 유지태 YOO Ji-tae, 강혜정 KANG Hye-jung