It Project Juries

KIM Young

Korea MIRU Pictures / CEO

She was the Co-Producer of A Tale of Two Sisters by Director KIM Jeewoon and the Executive Producer of Digital Short Film Omnibus Project Twentidentity, an omnibus short film project with 20 directors including BONG Junho and KIM Taeyong. She was the Team 2 Chief and Producer at Motion 101, a subsidiary of Showbox, and the Executive Producer in charge of production planning, marketing and distribution for the Korean Academy of Film Arts’ feature course (currently named KAFA+). She then worked as the Movie Collage Team Chief at CJ CGV (currently called CGV Arthouse) and was part of CJ CGV America in L.A. in charge of exhibition business for CJ E&M U.S. Kim is currently developing various Korean film projects and international co-production projects and has a strong interest in developing technology-based contents as well as films.


Canada Toronto Int'l Film Festival & Fantastic Fest / Programmer

Peter Kuplowsky is a film curator, producer, and writer based in Toronto. Since 2005, he has established a career championing genre cinema and outsider art at various international film festivals, including Toronto After Dark, Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, and the Toronto International Film Festival where he leads its Midnight Madness section. Over the past few years, Kuplowsky has helped develop and produce a number of critically acclaimed short and feature films with emerging filmmakers that he supported on the festival circuit as a programmer. His producer credits include the concluding segment Z is for Zygote in the anthology film The ABCs of Death: Part 2 (2014), The Interior (2015), The Void (2016), Climate of the Hunter (2019), PG: Psycho Goreman (2020) and Agnes (2021). He also co-hosts the Laser Blast Film Society, a monthly eccentric film series at Toronto’s Royal Cinema that culminates annually with a contemporary outsider cinema programme entitled What The Film Festival.  


Japan Pictures Dept, Co., Ltd. / President

SHIOMAKI is a long time industry expert, a founder and the owner of Japanese production/distribution company Pictures Dept, Co., Ltd. Aside from many of her acquisition of internationally acclaimed titles, as a feature film producer, SHIOMAKI produced, SAKE-BOMB in 2013 and it was awarded Best Screenplay at Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival and Best Narrative Feature at San Diego Asian Film Festival. SHIOMAKI has produced FROM ALL CORNERS which was officially selected at SXSW 2018 in its Documentary Spotlight section and wide-release theatrical success film. HOMECOMING - The Journey of Cardboard, the episodic sequel of this documentary which SHIOMAKI directed, has been selected for SXSW Episodic Pilot Competition in 2020. Since 2018, SHIOMAKI has been appointed as Japanese Co-Producer of Academy Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences, Visual History Projects. She has been helping to produce two hour documentary archives of Japanese legend filmmakers including, director YAMADA Yoji, YOSHIDA Kiju, SHINODA Masahiro, OBAYASHI Yoshihiko, composer HISAISHI Joe, NOGAMI Teruyo, scripter for most of KUROSAWA Akira films, YAMANOUCHI Shizuo, the producer of OZU Yasujiro films, actress KAGAWA Kyoko. Those documentaries will be archived at the Hollywood Film Museum which will be opened in September 2021. She is working on several documentary projects to aim for world premiere and Japanese theatrical distribution in 2022 including a non-fiction film about two time World Champion of Rock Climbing legend, HIRAYAMA Yuji.

It Project Preliminary Juries

Ellen Y.D. KIM

Korea Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival / rammer of Asian cinema

She has participated in various film related works that she believes meaningful. She was the producer of A Tale of Two Sisters directed by KIM Jeewoon, and served as the general producer of the short omnibus project Twentidentity, including the work of director BONG Joonho. She worked as a producer for a Showbox sister company, Motion 101 and a team leader for CJ CGV Independent Arthouse, Movie Collage as well as CGV Cinemas in the United States. Currently, she is now participating as a Korean producer of an international co-production documentary A Man Who Paints Water Drops and has introduced the film as a world-premier.

EOM Yonghoon

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival / General Manager

SAMGEORI Pictures Co., Ltd. / CEO
Entered the film industry as an executive director to LJ Film. He took various executive and leading roles in Prime Entertainment, NOA Entertainment (now Fantagio), Little Big Pictures to name a few. Currently he is in charge of SAMGEORI Pictures. He also worked as vice chairman of Seoul Metropolitan government’s Seoul Film Council, a vice chairman of Korean Film Producers Association, a special committee member for the creation of fair environment within Korean Film Council, and a member of Gyeonggi Film Commission. He produced Silenced (2011), Love Fiction (2012), How to Steal a Dog (2014) and participated in producing about 20 films.


Korea Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival / Programmer of Europe and other territories’ cinema

Jin PARK studied journalism and film theory. He worked as a critic for film magazines such as KINO, FILM2.0, and Screen. After getting his start as a programmer at the Seoul Eco Film Festival, he went on to work as a programmer and secretary general for several top Korean film festivals, including BIFAN, Busan International Film Festival, and DMZ International Documentary Film Festival. 

Jongsuk Thomas NAM

Korea Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival / Programmer of English-speaking countries’ cinema & NAFF Managing Director

Jongsuk Thomas NAM majored in RTVF/Communication Arts. He returned to Korea from the US to be an assistant director for the film Jungle Story(1996). He worked for the Busan Film Festival from 1997 on as the coordinator of the KIM Kiyoung Retrospective, a festival coordinator at BIFF, and the senior coordinator of the Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP). After working as the general secretary of the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC), he joined the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in 2007 as a staff member and also worked for the festival as an expert adviser. He is currently a festival programmer for BIFAN and the managing director of the Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF). He also works as the curator for the After Dark section of the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival in India.

KIM Donghyun

Korea MerryChristmas INC / Executive Producer

Joined Cinema Service in 1999, which provides film production, investment and distribution services. He covered film distribution and marketing until 2009. Then he moved to Daisy Entertainment, in charge of the film investment and distribution department as a director until 2013.
Later he worked as a Co-CEO for 6 years at Invent Stone, produced Boomerang Family, Gyeongju and Oneday.
Currently, he is leading the film business department at Merry Christmas, produced and distributed By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture, Romang, and Space Sweepers.

Luna H.Y KIM

Korea Bound Entertainment, Inc. / Head of Development & Production

Luna H.Y. Kim is development and production executive at Bound Entertainment, a global content studio based in Seoul/Los Angeles. Prior to Bound Entertainment, Kim produced/developed a number of series while driving all int’l business at MerryChristmas for titles including Space Sweepers. 
 Kim has co-produced films such as Pablo Trapero's Leonera and Carancho. As an int’l sales & marketing rep, Kim has launched over 300 Korean films including Bong Joon-ho's The Host, Na Hong-jin's The Chaser, Lee Chang-dong's The Poetry, Kim Jee-woon's I Saw the Devil, Kim Seong-hun's Tunnel, Jang Hoon's A Taxi Driver, and Woo Min-ho's Inside Men

MO Eunyoung

Korea Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival / Programmer of Korean cinema

MO Eunyoung majored in film and animation theory. She was a writer for EBS programs such as Cinema Paradiso and Anitopia, and she contributed to magazines and daily newspapers such as FILM2.0, DVD2.0, and KINO as a film critic. She also worked as a programmer for Korean Film Archive Cinematheque KOFA for multiple years after it first opened. She has also organized a number of fusion performances that join classic films with various genres, such as the silent film narration performance of Crossroad of Youngsters.

Samantha MOON

Korea Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival / Industry Program Manager

Majored in Philosophy and Multimedia. Has planned live performances and exhibitions in various genres such as short films, video installation art, audio visual performances, and convergence exhibitions. She worked with DMZ International Documentary Film Festival and Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.