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A Woman in Flames

A Woman in Flames

Country Japan
Director NAKAGAWA Natsuki
Producer OGAWA Shinji
Writer NAKAGAWA Natsuki
Format DCP | Color | 120min
Genre rama, Crime & Gangster, Independent, LGBTQ+


Hitomi, a taciturn woman, unexpectedly gets involved in an incident with Hiyama, a police officer, a gay man. Despite her unfulfilled love, she commits murder to protect Hiyama from the violent control of the corrupt police inspector and Hiyama’s lover, Inose.



Nakagawa Natsuki is a film director and screenwriter. Her film, She is Alone, has brought recognitions as a young director shooting genre films in Japan. She studied under Kurosawa Kiyoshi and Suwa Nobuhiro at the graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts.
She participated in NAFF Project Market 2022 as a screenwriter for Shiraishi Koji's film Omionnna.


OGAWA Shinji

In 1987, Ogawa began his career at Asmik Ace Entertainment, producing Ring 2 (1999), Ping Pong (2002), Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (2003), and Tran Anh Hung’s adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood (2010). In 2012, he established Bridgehead Inc., and his recent productions include Pieta in the Toilet (2015), River’s Edge (2016) and The Asadas (2020).

Production Company


Represented by Ogawa Shinji, Bridgehead Inc. has been established in 2012. The company provides consultancy as well as agency services for directors, scriptwriters, and creators with a focus on planning and producing visual works, predominantly live-action films. Major works produced by Ogawa include River's Edge (2018/Dir. Isao Yukisada), The Asadas (2020/Dir. Ryota Nakano).