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Show Me the Liver

Show Me the Liver

Country Korea
Director KIM Jeongho
Producer SON Seunghyeon
Writer KIM Jeongho
Format DCP | Color | 90min
Genre Comedy, Crime, Black Comedy


A life where getting a job is impossible and nothing goes right! A mentally exhausted job seeker intends to enter his girlfriend's family-owned company based on her suggestion. In order to secure employment, he goes to greet his girlfriend's parents, and the family warmly welcomes him. Everything seems to be going well. However, the situation takes a turn when his girlfriend's father collapses in pain and begins to express his suffering. The family brings up the topic of his father's liver.


KIM Jeongho

After graduating from the Department of Film, he entered the film industry as a screenplay writer and wrote many films, and he’s currently preparing to direct. He has received awards in many screenplay competitions including the one organized by Korean Film Council, and in 2015, his short story Highway Sonata was selected as the winner in the short story category of the Shinchun Literature Contest. In 2019, he directed the short film Tenant and screened it at the BIFAN 2019 in the short film competition. 


SON Seunghyeon

Son Seunghyeon is a producer and director, and was an assistant director in many works such as Breathless, Pluto. He produced feature film On July 7 and short films such as Goodbye, Alice, One Fine Day in Autumn. He is planning not only films, but also various contents.

Production Company


FILM SONYUN is a film production company founded in 2018 with the motto of purity of story and the precious value of collaboration. They produced the feature film July 7th and have been planning and producing various works.