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Sesame Has Its Soul

Sesame Has Its Soul

Country Vietnam, Korea
Director Oscar DUONG
Producer Hang TRINH
Writer Oscar DUONG
Silver Moonlight Entertainment
Format DCP | Color | 90min
Genre Horror, Fantasy, Drama


Kim Lien, (28) a young Vietnamese woman who came to Busan with the Korean dream of getting a better life. Kim Lien is a wonderful, kind person, but she always feels insecure with a birthmark covering half of her face. However, her husband Jea Sung (40), a middle aged Korean man has never cared about her looks, they fall in love and get married not long after that. Unfortunately, Jea Sung has a bike accident and since then, he has been paralyzed and all the financial weight of the family is on Kim Lien’s shoulder. In her most desperate moment, Kim Lien receives a gift from a mysterious Old Lady (60), THE SESAME SEEDS to fulfill her wish of a beautiful appearance, making her life “easier”. However, as Kim Lien gets her desired lifestyle, she wants more than just a broken apartment with a crippled husband, and the sesame has observed it all until it decides to absorb her soul as well.



Oscar Duong is an alumni of BIFAN Fantastic Film School. He has worked in casting for over 03 years before getting his Creative Writing Diploma in the US and started his career as a screenwriter from 2019. In 2022, Oscar participated in Take A Short in Busan of Busan Asian Film School program and won the Silver Prize with the short film script Sesame Has Its Soul. 
His filmography includes Gap Year (2017-2018) – TV Series - UK - Actor, Muoi: The Curse Returns (2022) – Feature - Vietnam - Screenwriter.



Established Skyline Media since late 2013 operating in film production and distribution. Distribute over 300 foreign films to Vietnam, bring 35 Vietnam films to international markets. Graduated the Producing course from Busan Asian Film School in 2018. Her filmography includes Conjuring Spirit (2014), Exorcism: A Haunted Child (2015), 100 Days of Sunshine (2018), Muoi: The Curse Returns (2022).

Production Company

Silver Moonlight Entertainment

Silver Moonlight Entertainment is a Vietnamese film production company founded by dedicated and sharp-minded filmmakers since 2019. We have been actively involving in numerous film projects in the roles of producing and investing with top industry partners in Vietnam. We also aim to broaden co-production with international partners who share the same visions and ambition.