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Please Bear With Me

Please Bear With Me

Country Philippines
Director Gabriela SERRANO
Producer Gale OSORIO, Keith DELIGERO
Writer Mariana SERRANO
Format DCP | Color | 90min
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Social Issue, Women, Third World


In a dreamless, dystopian future, ELENITA, a call center agent suffering from memory loss, gets paid in DREAM-TIME. Through these transient dreams, she relives her past as a rising pop diva. As she immerses further into her fantasies, guilt and regrets from her past begin to emerge while her waking life unravels, affecting her strained relationship with her daughter. Elenita must now choose between chasing her lost dreams and confronting reality, or risk losing the most important person to her.


Gabriela SERRANO

Gabriela Serrano is a director/editor from Manila. She is an alumna of the Ricky Lee Scriptwriting Workshop and the Southeast Asian Film Lab of Singapore International Film Festival. She was an editor on 『The Choe Show』 and The Tigers of Infanta, and was named one of CNN Philippines’ ‘Eight Emerging Filipino Directors to Watch Out For’ following her directorial debut: the award-winning 2021 short, Dikit. Please Bear With Me is her first full-length film. She is interested in deeply introspective stories on women in the Philippines.



Gale Osorio is a Busan Asian Film School(AFiS), Berlin Film Festiva Berlinale Talents, and Torino Film Lab ScriptLab & Story Editor alumni. She produced Iskalawags, Lily, and A Short History Of A Few Bad Things. Her shorts Babylon and It’s Raining Frogs Outside both had their international premieres at the Berlin Film Festival. Her current projects include Zurich Chan’s Cangrejos, Demie Dangla’s Magnetic Letters, and Gabriela Serrano’s Please Bear With Me. In between producing films, she helps run the annual BINISAYA Film Festival in Cebu City.

Keith Deligero directed the features Iskalawags (2013) and and Lily (2016). His short film Babylon (2017) won Best Film at the QCinema International Film Festival and competed at the 2018 Berlin Film Festival. His most recent feature, A Short History Of A Few Bad Things (2018), won a Special Jury Award at the Cinema One Originals Film Festival. His films consistently appear in annual lists of ‘Best Films of the Philippines’. He founded and programs for the BINISAYA Film Festival in his home province of Cebu.

Production Company


Led by filmmaker Keith Deligero and producer Gale Osorio, Archipelago is a film boutique that nurtures emerging Filipino filmmakers from all over the Philippine archipelago into bold film auteurs.