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Country Indonesia
Director Rafki HIDAYAT
Producer Kevin RAHARDJO
Writer Rafki HIDAYAT
89 Films
Format HDCAM | Color | 90min
Genre Horror, Mystery


Ami is a viral-seeking youtuber who doesn’t believe in ghosts. When she experiences sleep-paralysis, she records herself sleeping to prove that the sleep-paralysis demon is just hallucination. Ami is startled when she sees unexplained footsteps stepping on her body. Her sleep-paralysis worsens. She begins to have extreme seizures and painful bruises. A shaman tells her that she is being tormented by the demon Siampa. It can only be banished by a ritual that requires Ami to believe in ghosts.



Rafki Hidayat wrote several box office hits including Kafir: A Deal With The Devil (2018), highest-grossing Indonesian film of 2021 Makmum 2 with 1.7 million admissions and latest superhero film Virgo & the Sparklings (2023). Recently he wrote the upcoming Netflix original series Nightmares and Daydreams created by Joko Anwar. Parasomnia will be his feature directorial debut.



Kevin Rahardjo is a writer, director and producer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is an alumnus of 2022 BIFAN NAFF Fantastic Film School. Currently he is working as screenwriter at Come and See Pictures led by Joko Anwar and Tia Hasibuan. He recently wrote, directed and produced Accidentally Intentional which debuted at the 2023 Palm Springs Film Festival.

Production Company

89 Films

89 Films is an independent production company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Producing a number of well-received shorts which were exhibited at Palm Springs Film Festival, Urbanworld Film Festival, Minikino Film Week, Dam Short Film Festival & Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival. It aims to craft innovative genre films with emerging local voices.