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The Grotesque Train

The Grotesque Train

Country Korea
Director TAK Sewoong
Producer KWON Jiyong
Writer JO Bareun
Format DCP | Color | 120min
Genre Horror


​Dakyung, a YouTuber named Mystery Commando, is an otaku who tells true-life horror stories on the web.
However, she recently lost most of her subscribers due to a video manipulation controversy and lost her reputation within her creative agency. To recover her reputation and fame, she must find a powerful horror story!
One day, Woojin, her agency producer and only supporter, introduced the station master of Gwangjin station, where mysterious things are happening. The stationmaster begins to recount a series of mysterious incidents that occurred on the subway for real.
Once again, her video gets a lot of ‘subscriptions and likes’ as subscribers testify to their own strange experiences at Gwangjin Station. However, due to a sudden manipulation controversy, Dakyung is in a crisis of losing everything again. However, the stationmaster who could prove her innocence has disappeared without a trace. She decides to follow his trace no matter what without knowing where the journey would take her to….


TAK Sewoong

Graduated from Korea National University of Arts, BFA in Directing
Feature : 2022 Devil in the Lake Wrote/Directed
Short : 2021 Don’t look up Director
2015 Secret on everyone’s lips Director
2013 23℃ Director
2012 A Stranger Dream Director
2008 Blues of Midnight Taxi Director


KWON Jiyong

2020 Slate Producer
2021 Ghost Mansion Producer
2022 Exhume (Post-production in progress) Producer